Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kicked Down Christmas

I thought this Christmas would be bittersweet, wonderful for the boys but sad because my mother wasn't talking to me. I miss my Mom. If she's out there stalking, I do miss you!
It was bittersweet, not seeing my mother, I really expected some sort of Personal Contact and didn't get any; she really doesn't want to be around me. But I didn't miss the drama this year. I was pleasantly surprised at how the holiday season seemed a lot less stressful. Sure there was fun we missed out on, but we also got to just sit back and let the boys enjoy more.
1. First, I didn't sing in the choir this year, for the first time in ages. There weren't any frantic practices, nor any mad rush to get to the church early for practices or performances, or scrambling with what to do with the kids. Normally we have Chris in the nursery, and we grab him for communion and he runs amongst the choir ladies. He didn't. This year, he joined Sunday School, and I figure that means a boy should stay in the sanctuary. It's hard during sermons, but he's getting better. It's just rough to juggle Chris and Sam, who is getting less lump-like as the months progress. So, this year, we sat in the pew. I even forgot the diaper bag and it was all OK! Now of course, Eric was not going to just sit back. He directs the bell choir, and the bells played for during 5 o'clock service and the beginning of the 7 o'clock. We dropped Eric off at 5:30, came home, fed Sam and met Daddy at church to sit in the pews with him for the 7, he ran up, directed, and came right back to us. They did great! Choir normally sings for the 11 too, and we didn't have to do that. We were all home by 9 something. Madness! We weren't in bed at a reasonable hour, but the boys were, then we had much preparation for Santa.
2. No hosting. Since Chris was born we've hosted Christmas for my Mom and sis, and we didn't this year. Cooking? I didn't cook anything. Normally I make some great meal, but Christmas breakfast was honey flakey biscuits for Chris. And lunch was cookies and leftover cake. I didn't make a birthday cake for Chris, or Jesus, or anyone, as I intended, and though I was a bit disappointed in myself, it's been nice to relax. We went shopping on Chris's birthday and haven't been in a store since. Sure, we're running out of stuff, but it's refreshing to not be around the madness.
3. Taking our Time. Christmas Eve, we tried something new with the Willman Clan. a gift exchange. It was nice, went really well. The kids didn't know, they were certainly pampered! Honestly, that's what it's all about for me, enjoying the kids. I did miss being able to find Perfect Gifts for all my extended family members, but it was more fun to sit and watch the kids open and enjoy their presents without trying to open our own too. Really we were able to Take our Time This Christmas. Chris likes to open his presents and Play with them for a while before actually moving on to the next thing. He played with every toy he opened Christmas morning, AND Mommy and Sam were able to squeeze in a nap before heading to my father's.
4. We made it down to Christmas dinner with my father. We're invited every year of course, but we don't often get to make it. What a Spread! And the Spoilage, and the Pampering. I was TRAPPED on the couch by packages for the boys, and it took me so long to open for them, my toes went numb! I'm not kidding. It was quieter there too, my vocal and most argumentative grandmothers weren't able to fight with each other because one passed on to a MUCH Better Place. My other (the most sane) grandmother was in town from the Buffalo area, and there wasn't the drama. And she's really sweet and couldn't get enough of the boys. Sure it was noisy, but it was all (mostly) happy Christmas with Children insanity.
5. Video Games and Movies. Daddy got a Lego Star Wars game for his wii from the boys and I, which he loved and he was able to hop right on and play it, for a few hours! And I was able to watch It's A Wonderful Life while wrapping up on Christmas Eve. We've watched movies and played video games most every day and I think Eric is really enjoying his Christmas Vacation. It's more of a vacation to just be able to veg out, to just kick it down a notch and just hang with our boys, let the boys play with their toys. I never thought I'd be a video game girl. Eric and Chris aren't exactly good at sharing the games, but it's kind of nice to see them play together, or have Daddy teach the boy, or just have them all together doing the same thing in the same room. It's been really nice.
Chris was eager to hear The Christmas Story, and we were able to take the time to tell him, and read it, and play with the nativity (he noticed right off that Baby Jesus had been added). That was what it was all about. Really enjoying each other and our beautiful precious time together.

To top it off yesterday and today have been Jammie days. Chris threw up this morning so we cancelled our plans today, now he's fine, content to watch TV and play video games all day. Again. I don't know if I could do this for long, and I miss People, but it's been a refreshing change.

*Pictures to Follow.


Cathy said...

OK, I fibbed, and time got away from me, for pictures, go see Sam and Chris's websites!