Saturday, May 2, 2020

The New World

It's a Quiet Saturday.  I will miss these days when the Quarantine ends.  Our calendar has opened up, and Eric has had a chance to get productive things done.  Today he mowed the lawn, and continued working on a mini-deck for the backyard.  So I didn't see him much during the day.  

I got a present. 
A few weeks ago, my friend Kathy A. posted about music albums that have made a difference in her life, and she chose this one.  On this CD are two pieces, The New World Symphony from Dvorak and the Moldau by Smetana.  I love both of these pieces.  In fact, I keep trying to get my echo dot (Computer) to play them on Amazon Music. It used to be great at name that tune, but lately has been overwhelmed by advertisements, and it wants me to pay for Amazon Music Unlimited.  Whatever. 
I'm not doing that.  I just bought this CD instead.  Now I can play the Moldau or New World Symphony when I want to. They calm me.  New World Symphony was Christopher's song when I was pregnant with him.  Moldau has been keeping me sane during this Quarantine,
 I play it repeatedly. 

This was weeks ago I ordered the CD, so what a great surprise that it arrived today. I popped it into my computer upstairs, as I potched around the craft room. I've been working on reorganizing up here.  It doesn't look like much, but we now have room for two chairs.  Yesterday, I received a nice lumbar supporting desk chair for my Birthday, and today, I have it all set in here, with room to swap out as I can.

I'm sitting in my craft room, on my happy pink chair. 
I printed off some things, blogged a bit, and I haven't done that in weeks. 
It felt good to be productive. 

I feel like things are going to open back up in the coming days.  I'm not sure I feel good about that. I'm a homebody now, and I don't want to start full in to my old schedule.  I feel like I've only recently gotten a grasp on this new schedule.  There's a part of me that doesn't want to change it again. 
I like having my family safe and sound at home with me.  
When things open up again, life will be different.  I think I'm afraid of that.
All the more reason to have some good calming music to listen to, I am thankful my new CD arrived.