Monday, May 4, 2020

Quality Time


A quiet Sunday. 
I am becoming quite fond of our Church's Zoom Calls each week. 
It's the only time we make it to Church on time. 
We had over 100 people listening in on the call live this week. 
It's Comforting to watch it, and with us on muted, I can relax, because I can tell the kids to walk away or jump on the trampoline if they have too much energy to sit through the whole service, and call them back when it's time.  Communing and Singing together just us is really neat.

Did I mention that we have also had a weekly Zoom call with my inlaws?
We almost missed it this week, we were almost late. It's at 4, and I'm usually napping on Sunday afternoons at that time.  And while I know that Mom and Dad just want to hear from the boys, I love seeing my nieces and nephews every week.  Cole likes to tell cheesy jokes.  This week Jacob told one too. I wish I could remember what it was.  Bryce is 3, and he tried to tell one, but I didn't get it.  Kaylee brought a Bakugan toy on to show the little ones, and they were enthralled.   
I'll miss this.  I think we've seen more of them, and more of Mom and Dad than we get to do while they are in town. Sometimes I roll my eyes, and sometimes we laugh, but just being together is just Good.

The theme today is "dreaming of" and seeing this makes me dream of what this little mini-deck will become. 
It all started because I asked Eric to move the piece of plywood so I could get out of his car.  
I'm not thin, and I don't like having to suck it all in when I exit the front passenger seat of his car. 
This time, I asked him to move the plywood, and it started a huge new project.  He was 'saving' that wood for a new platform (deck) to expand the little landing we have. When we built this temporary staircase, it landed right into the grass, but then we decided a little extra space so the dog could wipe her feet would help. So he built the landing, and put a rug on it for cleaner dog toes. Then the rug got moldy, and we probably ought to buy a new rug if we're going to expand the landing, which is what he was saving that extra plywood for.  Plus we could get the ramp for Princess off the front porch, if we took the legs off, now we can put the grill out there.  He's building a deck. He won't admit it's a new deck. But there have been 2 trips to Lowe's, online ordering of course, and we're banging on wood and putting things together.  Yes, we're building a deck, because I asked him to move the plank of wood.  This reminds me of the time we had to overhaul the pantry and put up entire shelves because I asked him to put away shot glasses that we had received for Christmas. 
Yes, very similar.  But hey, at least we should get a pretty new deck, and a bit more space to birdwatch outdoors.  So I'm dreaming of all of that. 

Meanwhile, while the boys did yard work this weekend, I did a splash of laundry at my mother in laws, and worked on this scarf I'm making with a yarn that Chris chose.  It turned out a little bit curly, but charming.