Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ice Cream Celebration

Though we've been off of School for two weeks, it didn't really feel like we were out of school.
It feels no different from all the Rest of this Quarantine. But people around us have been branching out to make the most of summer, so we opted to mix it up a bit.

Shanghai Rummy Time. 
But I taught the kids a game.  We have been learning Shanghai Rummy.  
I love being able to share this game with my boys.  
My sister and I used to play this game all the time when we were younger, and we played with my stepMom and step Grandparents while we were on Vacation together.  
We've been having fun playing online with our friends, but it was time for the boys to learn. 
We played some Shang after the boys got their jobs done in the morning.  

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Blueberry Boba. 
So Pretty.
I've been experimenting with Boba Shakes from Mandy's Ice Cream in Brownsburg.
So far my favorite was the Chocolate/coconut ice cream with Mango boba.  
But this is a close second, though another successful pairing was Zanzibar chocolate with Strawberry Boba. 

We met the Julius family at the ice cream shop in the parking lot. 
We brought our Camp Chairs and we were able to eat our ice cream together just like the traditions of last days of school past.  Usually we bowl or putt putt or something.  But we didn't do that this time.  This time, it was just Ice Cream. 

My boys were pretty stoked with their Mint Chips and Zanzibar Oreo. 
Eric was curious about these, in the end he chose Spicy Whiskey Truffle, which didn't last long.  I only got to try one bite.  It was AWESOME! 

Social Distance Ice Cream Celebration. 

Chris was cracking us up, because he managed to get ice cream on his eyebrows, all over his hands, and even a nice chocolate mustache. 

It was good to laugh this hard. 

Geranium at Sunset. 
When we got home, the temp was so nice, we opted to sit outside for a few while the kids ran their sillies out.  I noticed some of our flowers were doing Beautiful things. 

Huge Purple Iris. 
These big irises are bigger than my hand. 
I love them. 
We had ice cream for dinner, and ordered pizza for dessert. The kids watched some Star Wars while they ate stuffed pizza from Papa's. I had part of a salad. I couldn't eat any more. 
What a great way to end the evening, and to start the summer.