Monday, May 11, 2020

The Last Monday of the School Year

I used to enjoy Mondays. When I had a Bible Study group coming to my home.  After 2 months of this insanity, we don't meet anymore. We barely chat.  We only supported each other for a month.  It has pretty much fallen apart.  That's ok.  I guess I've come to grips with it.  It wasn't the right fit, and though they told me I wasn't going to have to "Be a Leader" that's exactly what they needed.  And it's not me.   I didn't want to Lead a Bible Study. I wanted to be a part of one. 
Now I'm a Teacher.  I didn't want to be that either. I don't like having to gripe at the kids to tell them what to do all the time, to get them to do their schoolwork, or to get them to lay off the screens. 
This was a decent day.  It's the last Monday of the school year.  We're almost done with all the hideous e-Learning.  Even I can get excited about that.  The kids have finally figured out, if they get their day's work done early, they can play.  It's taken them 6 weeks to figure it out.  Ugh. 


Princess goofed up her leg again. 
She dashed out of my room yesterday, and tried to corner like she's on rails, to go downstairs.  It didn't work.  Her bionic knee didn't work.  She squealed, squeaked, and ran to hide.  She thinks she's in trouble when she hurts herself.  I don't need to yell at her when she overdoes it and hurts herself. Pain is punishment enough. 
And she was hurting yesterday. 
There have been a few times where she's tweaked her bionic knee, but within 24 hours she's back to herself.  Today she wasn't.  After limping outdoors without even touching that back right leg to the ground, she returned indoors, took one look at the stair, and decided Nope.  
And she didn't come up.  
She didn't sleep with me last night. 
I tell you , this was worse than  a tweak.   
So I fessed up and called the Vet.  Her doc asked if it was swollen, which it is not.  So we decided to Drug Her instead.  So he took my money over the phone, and then gave me drugs when I pulled up. "Curbside Service".  Well, it seems to have worked.  Although funny thing, Princess is now on the same drugs as Eric: Big hearty Ibuprofen (Vetprofen) and Gabapentin.  
They seem to relax her about as much as Eric, but they don't knock her out.  
She prefers the essential oil blend Panaway, but we were getting low, so I ordered more. 

When I came back from my doggie drug run, I noticed my lilac bush was still happy, even though we're in the middle of a cold snap.  It's been dark and chilly for the last couple days.  50 degrees is nice when it is sunny, but it's cold when it's dark and cloudy. At least my lilac looks pretty.

Lilac blooms. 

I got a little closer to the blooms. 

I love the ways there are layers to the petals, and they stink so good.

Also, the irises that I got from my Grandmother started blooming too. 

My Mom used to say that Orchids look like little faces sticking their tongues out.  
I think irises make similar faces. Blah.