Tuesday, May 19, 2020

First Monday of Summer

We are officially on Summer Break.  
Daddy is not.  
It's hard finding things to do that don't involve people, that make it feel different from the last three weeks.  I was puzzled about this.  So I decided to start a puzzle. 

Two boys help start a 1000 piece Thomas Kinkade Autumn in New York puzzle. 

Sam takes to doing puzzles very naturally. 
He helped me build the frame. 

After an hour, we couldn't take anymore, we were down by one last border piece. 
We surrendered in need of fresh eyes. 

There were just a few plants left to put into the garden. 
They boys were all acting like they had energy that they needed to get out. 
So I put them all to work planting. 
I did one bag's worth of weeding, and taught them how to put the snapdragons in the ground.  
Then I called it a day. 
They finished putting all the snaps in the ground in a line, and we got all the plants in the ground. 

We resumed piano lessons at Miss Laraine's yesterday. 
She's cleaning between students, but our family just rolled in and took over. 
It was so nice to have this one piece of normalcy back. 

The oldest and youngest playing footsie.  Big Geese. 

I think Mondays are going to be better this summer, with piano and no school than they've been all year. I'm glad school is out.  But we're going to start writing cursive, keep our garden gorgeous and making beautiful music.  That sounds like a good plan to me.