Saturday, May 16, 2020

First day of Summer?

Officially, the kids are out of school. So today begins our summer break. But this is the weirdest summer vacation we've ever had.

I got the boys to weed the garden.
We were expecting rain, so before it hit, we opted to do some gardening.  Yesterday I noticed we had some strawberry blossoms in the back garden. While discussing our plans with Eric today, we opted to do as much with the yard as we could do.  That meant doing a lot of yard work, lots of weeding.  I think we may have some room for some other things in there besides strawberries. But first weeds out, and fencing in, to save the berries from the bunnies. 

Grandpa Willman's irises finally began to bloom. 
I love these.  
We've had them for a couple years, hand me downs from Eric's Uncle Dean, who got them from his Dad, Grandpa Willman.  Grandpa Willman loved to Garden.  He gardened up until the very end.  Grandpa had told us he would give us some splits before he passed away, so it didn't quite work out.  I thought I'd missed my chance.  
But then we were given some splits of Uncle Dean's, and I planted them a couple years ago.  They needed some time get comfortable.  Eric says I planted them on the very edge of the border of our property. Well, they like it there now.  This year was the first year that they bloomed. 

I loved the angle on this one. 
Traditionally they have 6 petals, and are hard to get all views, but the way one of these petals flopped makes it look like there are only 5.  5 is a lucky number for this family. <3

My lilacs are still going strong, and stinking good. 
I love a good smell.  
Speaking of not good smells, Christopher's laundry needed to be done again. 
I've been trying to instill in him, that he needs to wash his bedding weekly. 

So he and I went to Grandma's to do laundry. 
Initially it was a bit of a punishment, he was in a dark place.  He needed to get away from the screen privileges of his brothers.  So I took him to Mom's to do his own laundry. 
Have I mentioned that his temper has been growing about as much as he is?  His voice is dropping, his feet are about to outgrow my shoes, and his temper just goes right along with it.  It's a constant battle to get him to do his laundry, or do his bedding.  We've set the law that his bedding gets washed weekly.  He hasn't been ok with that.  It gets explosive.  Add in there that it's inconvenient to go to Mom's to do it, and it's just been really rough. I killed the dryer by telling Jacob it was ok to wash his winter crocs and put them in the dryer.  It didn't go well.  The combo has been awful. Honestly, I've been enjoying going to Mom and Dad's by myself to do laundry, because it guarantees me some quiet.  I just don't like to do his stinky laundry.  It's a battle.  But after a couple hours there, he was calm, quiet, happy, and cute.