Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Flowers!

My yard looks pretty amazing.  

The Daffodils that we got randomly planted, and lining the driveway are all blooming and looking fabulous.  I'm happy to see the bright yellow as I pull up.  

The weather is finally cooperating to let the kids out to play.  

They look amazing against the bright blue sky of spring! 

Like a Superstar! 

But the Tulips are really what take my breath away.  

They positively glow. 

They don't look to shabby agaist the bright blue sky either. 

Though it's pretty tricky to get a decent shot at this angle.  

I am loving the bright sunshine with these tulips.  

I'm fairly sure that tulips are my favorite flowers!

My word.  
The Beauty.

I almost find it hard to believe that this is my front yard. <3