Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!

My 40th year went by very quickly.  Why does this keep happening?  I can't believe I'm 41 now.  Guess it's safe to say, I'm in my 40s.

So for my Birthday, I am happy to say Christopher got a Black Belt in Karate.  Saturday was his Black Belt Test, and he passed with flying colors.

I think this about sums up his reaction. And mine.  I couldn't have been more proud of him.  

He looks good in a Black Belt.  We partied hard.   
But that story is for another blog.  
He's worked so hard the last few weeks, he's been up in  Carmel doing special sessions, and doing the Black Belt Boot Camps every weekend for months.   This most definitely was intense as any sport I've ever seen.  And he's built strength, both inside, and in his muscles.  

I promised him, for My Birthday, we weren't going anywhere for Karate.  
Honestly, I hadn't spent an evening at home doing nothing in so long, I didn't want to go anywhere.  
I would've been Perfectly content to do nothing all day.  

We came pretty close to that. The boyz were so kind.  They let me sleep in, Eric made honey flakey biscuits and maple snausages.  Then I got to just veg out and Chris and I finished the 6th Harry Potter Movie.   We started #7, part 1, before lunch, after which I got a big fat nap.   

Then, the only thing that could drag me out of the house, on my lazy day, dinner at my Dad's.  
And Birthday Party for Jacob, Lisa, Me, and Charlie!  With that kind of Festivity, how could I refuse?

Fishie Face Seestors.  

Me and my little Birthday Boy. 

Daddy and MB got crowns for all of us, and this pic Eric got, actually turned out pretty fabulously. 

Sam snapped this pic of us getting ready to blow out our candles.  Unfortunately, he didn't capture the big moments of all 4 of us and our candles.  But no birthday is complete without my Stepmom's Bowl Of Cake:  Chocolate cake layered with whip cream and strawberries, so beautiful it's served in a trifle bowl.   It's our favorite dessert. Every year she makes it for us, her mind boggles at why we always choose this.  But after 27 years of Bowl of Cake for our birthdays, we'd never want anything else. 

And it's always the Perfect ending to a Happy Birthday.  And it was Just So this time too. <3