Saturday, April 6, 2013

Feeling More Human

Yesterday we had another ultrasound appointment, and visited with my OB.  This time I didn't feel as crummy as earlier in the week.  We dropped the boys off with Janelle at the Children's Museum which Thrilled them to No End.  And I thought the extra long drive would wear me out, but we went into the museum, and I got to take a picture of the boys, so that broke up the trip.  And I was feeling good that they were having a good time, and I wasn't feeling as gross as earlier in the week.   Maybe because I spent the greater part of the week horizontal, or maybe it was that we stopped at Starbucks on our way north.  We'd given up Starbucks for Lent, so it was an extra special treat for us to get some Drinks and Drive.  ;) 

Either way, my BP was nice at 120/70, best in a while.  And my OB keeps saying my pee is still good, I'm not pushing protein.  I'm still high risk for pre-eclampsia, and with the high blood pressure already she's watching Closely.  She's doing a great job keeping an eye on me.   I appreciate that.  I am so Grateful she doesn't think I'm crazy.  I feel like everyone looks at me like I'm a little crazy, the woman who's been on bedrest JUST a little Too long.  And maybe so...but I don't think I'm crazy, I'm not making any of this up - flakey, yes, uncomfortable, oh yes, but no crazier than before I got pregnant.   I've got some increased swelling, but that doesn't seem as terrible as it was last week.  I told my doc that I was the Bloat Princess, and she laughed.  I feel like I'm gaining all kinds of weight, most of my pants are uncomfortable, but the scale didn't move much this week, still I'm at 249 at home, and I didn't want to get above 250, that's where my body tends to poop out.  Maybe that's why I've been feeling so crummy this week, I was bordering it.  Still, I'm not feeling bad today, and I didn't yesterday, so that's Something.  It could be any time now, and I think Eric and I are adjusting to that.  We've been not getting our hopes up for so long, it's kind of nice to get our hopes up.  And kind of nice that we can't make any plans for more than a day or two in advance, because we Just Don't Know.

As always, they took some photos of our Sweetboy for me to bring home.  He's looking really good, gaining some weight in his cheeks I see.  And he is looking more and more like his brothers everyday.  

If you're wondering why his eyes look a little funky in this picture, it's because they were open.  Guess he's going to be a pro at opening his eyes underwater just like his biggest brother.