Saturday, April 20, 2013

37th week, Stepping Out!

Well, we made it to the 37th week.  

These pictures we took last Sunday, as Eric was headed out to Marion.  It felt good to be officially "Term".  
I don't feel Full Term.  I feel like I could bake a little longer.  But it's felt so good to know that this baby has made it as far as Christopher...further even. 

On Tuesday, we went in for our ultrasound pictures.  And he was transverse, with his head facing downward.  He had hands in the way and we couldn't get very many cute baby face pictures.  But really, that didn't matter to me.  It does my heart such good to see his heart beating, and feel him wiggling, just seeing him on the screen at all gives me Comfort that he's doing OK.  Eric took me out for a date lunch at Yen Ching to celebrate how well we are all doing...and because he won the guess how big the baby contest last week, when we didn't have time/energy to pick a nice place for a date like lunch.  We were thinking it may be our last date for a while.  Gotta make hay while the sun shines.  And anymore I only get out to go to the doctor.  
So, on Tuesday when all they could get were pictures of his fingers and fingernails, I was OK with that. 

Little baby dagger claws!  Already!!  

On Thursday, I didn't just get out to go to the doctor!  Eric went to work a little late, to take me to Sam's school for his Circus Program, so both of us were able to attend! 
The kids have been working on their circus skills for weeks.  Last week, Eric took Sam to see the Circus, (Murat Shriner) at the Fairgrounds.  They saw elephants, dogs and trapeze artists all do their tricks.  But I'm sure all of that wasn't nearly as adorable as these kids showing off their skills.   

Sam was doing Forward Rolls...Unassisted.   Brother still doesn't do that.  And when we took the semester off from gymnastics this spring, I didn't think he'd be making progress in school.  But oh yes!  They had him doing a balance beam, pretending to be a trick pony up on a block, and jumping around.  It was Enchanting! 

At the end, the kids broke out the parachute and flipped blocks around.  Sam had so much fun, and so did I.  
I was so glad that for once, I was feeling good enough, (and my BP was good enough) that I could get out to play!  Of course, even though all I did was sit in my wheelchair for an hour, it was enough.  Eric had to take me home, and I crashed.  Fell asleep on the couch - I NEVER do that.   It was a 2 nap day.  

The next day, Friday, was a bonkers day. 

Eric had his surgery.  Mom came for him at 7 in the morning and took him downtown for his sinus surgery.  Unfortunately, we had flood warning, we'd gotten rained dumped all over us for 3 days, and they gave us a 2 hour delay for flooding.  So I had to entertain the boys for a couple hours.  Well, that didn't last long, I managed to get Sam dressed...with Chris's help, before grounding Chris to his room.  I was exhausted by the time Kathleen arrived at 8:45.  The little kids played for a bit before they hit the road, and Erica arrived to take me to the doctor, but we sat and visited for a while first.  It was so nice to have some girl talking time!  Erica arrived just as they took Eric back into surgery.  What a Blessing to have Eric's Mom around to take care of him, and send me updates, and bug the staff there to take good care of him, since I couldn't.  They did a great job! Eric was out of surgery by the time I was ready to go to my OB appointment. 

Erica was wonderful to have around.  She enjoyed seeing her nephew on the screen too.  
Once again the baby hid his face with his hands and feet, but this time we got a really neat picture of the fact that you can't see his face because he has 2 hands and a foot in the way.  

Little maniac. 

 Another cool shot we got, while trying to see his little face.  His Ear.  It's practically perfect already.

My Blood Pressure was a bit high in the office, 130/100, which isn't bad but it's the highest it's been in office for a while.  So we decided to up my drugs from 5-600 mg labetalol.  The Dr. also said he'd confer with my doc about moving up the c-section from May 3rd to a bit sooner.  I don't care, all I want is to not have a baby this weekend.  Let's let Eric recover from his surgery first!  That's what I told the doc, I just don't want it this weekend.  Eric does look a whole lot better than he did after the last surgery he had, he's still loaded up on narcotics, and it would just not be good for me to be having surgery too.  
Mom took the boys overnight, and popped by with them today, so we got to see them, get drive by hugs and didn't have to worry about the physical effects of taking care of them.  She's keeping them most of the weekend.  Though we both have headaches, and my bp doesn't want to calm down, neither one of us has much energy to really get off the couch.  I'm thinking it's not going to be much longer until our little maniac joins us.