Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Baptism of Jeremiah

My nephew got Baptized today.   And we got to be there.  That was the height of my day, of my week, maybe even my month.  I hadn't been able to see the baby in person since the day he was born.  But I REALLY wanted to be there on his special day.  And Eric and I were not sure if we'd be feeling up to making the trip.  Eric had surgery Friday, and we had been sitting around, not doing much, not even having the energy to do much.  My blood pressure was misbehaving, it was high this morning, and I was really worried it wouldn't behave enough for me to go.  I was sad I wouldn't be able to drive under the influence of a whacky blood pressure. But just when I was ready to surrender, Eric surprised me by telling me he had not taken the vicodin so he could Drive us to the church.  I called Mom and she agreed to meet us to have someone push me around in the wheelchair, since Eric is on lift restrictions of 10 pounds.  So they met us at the church front, and Mom, and Erica pushed me into the church where we got to see All the Family, and oogle over all the Cuteness.  I hadn't seen my girls in Months, and I missed them so fiercely.  It did my heart such good.  I could have probably turned around right then, before the Service even started, and gone home.  But we didn't.  We stayed.  
And Eric finally got to hold Baby Jeremiah.  He hadn't had a chance before, but Amy just plopped him in his arms...he didn't even have to "lift" him, you know that 10 pound thing....Jeremiah has already surpassed that. But Eric and I decided that Holding is not lifting.  And both these boys were just so sweet.   

Baby Jeremiah holds Uncle Eric's finger. 

Jeremiah  started making faces at Eric, and quite likely a diaper deposit, they were so sweetly silly.   

Jeremiah was really interested in his Daddy and Sissy.  I could just tell they were some of his favorite people.

Then the Baptism began.
Aren't they just a Beautiful family! 

Pastor Blessed Jeremiah as he became the newest member of our church family.

Uncle Brian and Aunt Val became Godparents as both families stood side by side while Pastor Baptized Jeremiah.  

Jeremiah must've been making faces during his  baptism because the girls started to giggle.  
I would have too, if I hadn't been so busy crying.  My eyes just couldn't stop leaking.  It was so beautiful to see this Miracle Baby brought into the family of Christ.   

Then they introduced the entire Willman Family.  

This picture doesn't really do justice to the moment, but the sun was shining through the stained glass window and bouncing off the baby and Kaylee's little fuzzy heads such that they Glowed.  Glowed with God's Love.  

We welcome Jeremiah Jason Thomas Willman into the family of Christ!  

It was a Beautiful Day and I was so Blessed to be present for it.