Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feeling Swell

Well, I got close this time. I almost made it to church today. Last week I didn't make it, so I blogged while the boys were gone.   This week, I got up, dressed, and downstairs a full hour and a half before church this morning.  Thought I'd actually make it!  Then I got a wild hair, and decided to make cocoas for Eric and I to drink during Sunday School hour.  And for some reason, by the time it was time to go, I had no energy left to leave the house.  I haven't been to church in a month, I miss my church family, but getting out of the house is exhausting.  And I have been in a bit of a funk.  I guess it's depressing wanting to be able to do things, finally have the thoughts enough to know what needs to be done, and neither of us being healthy to do much about it.  I feel bad for Baby J and for Sam, like they're getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop.  I had Chris's baby book done 2 months before Sam got here; the nursery was all ready by this point, but not so with this one.  I didn't realize until this morning how much that has frustrated me that we're nowhere near ready.  I think I know where Sam's baby book IS, and I started it, but it's not done. I can't even put together a baby load of laundry.  At least we got the swing and the bucket seat put back together.  My friend E came over and helped take them apart to wash them, we thought we'd broken the swing, but this morning Eric figured out how to get it back together.  So that's something.  We do now have a Bucket and a Swing for the baby.
I've been in a fair bit of pain this last week, that has put me in a deeper funk.  I have little that's nice to say, so I haven't been saying much.
Lately, I only get out of the house to eat or go to the doctor or a combination of the two.  Eric and I like to swing out for lunch when we're out for a doctor's appointment.  But it's been a week and a half since we've done that.  This week was a good week for Other Things.   First on Tuesday for Christopher's special Guest Reading Day at school.  Eric wheeled me over to the school so we hear Chris read "Rooster Can't Cock-a-Doodle Doo" to his class.  He rocked, I cried.  I was a Proud Mama!

Wednesday, Eric let me out again.  He wheeled me to Chris's school again, so we could see Christopher and his First Grade class in their 1st Grade Music Program.    Even his Grandma W. came to see.  Can you spot him in the front row of the red shirt group?  He did such a Wonderful job, singing and dancing, he was Awesome!  He rocked, I cried.   Again, I was so Proud of him!  

Last Sunday I started having pain in my arms, and my hands were swelling up.  It wasn't too awful in the morning, mildly annoying, but by naptime, my fingers were numbish, and the aches were in my shoulders and elbows.  I couldn't help crying as I drifted off to sleep because my shoulders hurt so much to lay on, yet I can only sleep on my sides.  Vicious cycle!  My nap wasn't a quality one.  So I started googling things about weird arm pain and pregnancy, and I learned that "Pregnancy Induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" is a Thing.  And after reading two testimonials, I was Pretty sure that was what was bothering me.  The numbness in the fingers, the pain in wrists, elbows, all the way up to shoulders and neck.  I was Sure that I'd be seeing my chiropractor first in the morning...except Monday was a holiday, and he probably wouldn't have been in.  That made me more upset.  Sunday night was misery, I couldn't help the tears. A number of my friends commented on my fb that they'd had it with pregnancy too, and they recommended wrist braces.  First thing Monday morning, I sent Eric to the drug store for wrist braces, he even picked me up an elbow support too.  I wore them all day.  My fingers were swollen to the point, I was going to have to take off my wedding ring, and I've already upgraded to wearing Eric's instead of my own.  
So I wore those braces on Monday, Monday night, but Tuesday, during the day I took them off, and started wearing them only to sleep.  That has helped immensely.  By Thursday, the discomfort was neglible.  Still, I think it is bothering me deep down because I'm still in a rotten mood.  I get frustrated at all the things I can't do, like helping my kids when they have giant poop blowouts, which has been a common problem around here this week.   At least I'm not crying all the time.  

Baby has also been working his way up into my lungs, so now I have no room to breathe, even if I could.  Some of his kicks have gotten rather painful.  Even got my first wicked leg cramp, but I've been better about drinking my gatorade.  But  it's kind of a Relief to have regular old 3rd trimester aches and pains.  It's just rough in combination with everything else.  

30 weeks pregnant pics.  Getting bigger.  

Isn't black supposed to be slimming?  Ha!