Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feeling Much Better

The last few days I have felt Much Better.  I think upping the Labetalol has helped me immensely, and even when the spells do creep up (only 1 bad one in the last week and a half) I drink a shot or two of gatorade and that seems to help.  And I rest.

I finished some projects last week I'd been working on since December, and I started something new.  These invisible scarves.Christopher can be seen here modeling the first one that I finished.

 That's been Huge!  My mind has been so cloudy, I feel like I can't get Anything done.  But I finally did something, I finally have gotten back to the Lists of stuff we need to do to prep for the baby.  Now, if only I could get Eric healthy.  He's fighting a monster bitchin' sinus infection, and has been for months.  He's holding out to get in to the ENT, which took us awhile.  Anyway, to sum up, we haven't been feeling good around here.  And it feels like the fog is beginning, just beginning to clear.

But that's when I should learn to wait for the other shoe to drop.  I was feeling Good.  Friday, I felt so good, I drove myself out and got a pedicure!  That's the second time in 2 months I've driven myself anywhere, and I only went across town.  And of course, Driving, I had to take a fat nap as soon as I got home.   But we were feeling good.

Maybe a little too good.  If you don't want to continue reading great and gory details, stop now.  To sum up, I spotted, went to the hospital and now we're all Fine.
But yesterday I overdid it and started spotting.  So I had to call in reinforcements, so we could run in to L&D.  I hadn't bled in a month, and was feeling good.  I know I gotta watch it, and I thought since the baby and I were doing so well, I could kick it up a notch.  Turns out I was just fine, placenta's fine, baby is fine.  And by the time I got to the hospital, the bleeding stopped.  But BOY the staff there is nice.  We had a nice nurse that we'd had before, and the check in gal knows my face now, and she commented on how nice it had been to Not see me for a while, agreeing and being grateful with us that we've gotten this far without having to run in.  I suppose I could've stayed home.  Blessedly, Eric didn't  mind losing half our day to run me to the hospital. I guess I'll just never get used to Bleeding while I'm pregnant.  It never happened with Chris and Sam, and it's just Not Normal to me.  They said to wait until the flow was heavier, I did.  It upset me.  So we went in.

On  the up side, they hooked me up to a monitor where I got to listen to his heartrate for so long, that the sound started to remind me of the Boof Boof of Fina or Prinny when they hear something funny.   That in and of itself was funny to me.  Maybe I was just getting punchy.  They also did an ultrasound, and he looked great.  Actually, another funny thin, he has his head down, but he also had a foot AND a hand in the way of the tech seeing his face.  I wish I could bend that way.

Still, spending a few hours in the hospital, in our state was exhausting.  So we came home and Napped.  Both of us.  Mom generously kept the boys most of the day.  By the time they came home last night, I had missed them.  Saturdays are our days to chill, watch cartoons and snuggle on the couch, I missed out on that. But they got pretty snuggled and watched their cartoons with Grandma.   I'm glad they had a good day, we were all pretty worn out, but I missed them.  Maybe today will be better.  My boys are home from church, bringing McDonald's -our new tradition, so it is time for me to get more snuggles!


Unknown said...

I'm just now getting the chance to tro try catch up. I'm so sorry you had another scare. Praying for you guys.