Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Balentimes

 Happy Valentine's Day to all our loved ones!

 I just haven't been feeling up to much in the way of Photography, in fact, I haven't been feeling up to much at all, but I wanted to try to do some of the traditional Valentine stuff that we love to do every year.  I was content that I sat the boys down on the steps (and moved my chair over) so that I could take a few pictures of them yesterday.   Here's a Top 10 of my favorite (unedited) photos of the day.

1.  Say Happy Valentine's Day!

2.  Then they started giggling because they are Silly boys. 

3.  Then they started skooching up the stairs...together.  Hard to resist that, even if it isn't remotely what I wanted them to do. 

4.  Oh yeah, The Winner.  I saw this one, and in my book it was the money shot.  

5.  If Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby sang a song about Brothers, it would have looked like this.  Stinky Cute.

6.  After school, we set up the boys goodie bags.  Both of them had Valentines parties at school.  Eric went to help out at Chris's, but the time of day was naptime, so I knew I couldn't make it.  Sam and I stayed home and took Valentine's naps together instead.  ;)   On the table were some special godiva chocolates for the boys from me.  A new Little Brother onesie for baby brother.  Eric's gift was I finally had help fixing the lightbulb in the refrigerator, and new socks. ;) For me, my gold chains finally got fixed, so I could wear my favorite cross! And during naptime, Flowers had been Delivered for me. ;)  

7.  Christopher unpacks his bag full of goodies.  

8.  Sam unpacks his Valentine's box, that he painted himself at school.  Ah yes, that explained how he got covered in red paint on Tuesday. ;)   And he was very happy to open all his goodies too.  

9.  The boys and their Haul.  How good it is to be So Loved! 

10.  As a final Family celebration, we all went to Steak-n-Shake for dinner.  We got in just barely avoiding the crowds.  And we all had milkshakes.  It was a Good Day!