Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best Doctor Appt in Months

We made it.  28 weeks this week!  My doctor had said, let's make 28 weeks our next big goal.  I couldn't think about much more than that.  And this week we hit it.  If he came now, he'd have a 90% survival rate.  That eases my heart like nothing else in the last couple months.  A friend of mine lost her baby 2 weeks ago, he'd come at 25 weeks, and Blessed the world with his presence for 6 weeks.  My heart has been breaking for her, yet at the same time, I've been so afraid.  I feel like I can exhale..a bit anyway.  

We made it to 28 weeks.  

That is Worth Celebrating!  Not just that, but I am Feeling Better.  I have not had any spotting in over 3 weeks, and since we doubled the Labetalol, I have been Feeling better.  Stronger like.  Sure, my BP still has highs and lows.  But I haven't had any of the really low bad spells.  And in the last week, only 1 high spell.  Last night, I started feeling a little swirly, while I was laying down, even laying down, my BP was 150/80 something.  Luckily, it was bedtime, I had Eric bring me some water, and that helped some.  Still, only 1 bad spell in a week, Not Too Shabby.  Plus last weekend, I got to go out on 2 (that's right, 2!) date nights.  Saturday night we went out to dinner at Thai Lanna with Mike and Kathleen, and came back here for cards.  Sunday, the church was having a Valentine's Day party for the kids (not parents!) and Eric and I went to Hurricane for wings, then came home and watched West Wing.  That was about all I could handle, and it was Good.  

So Today I had a checkup with an Ultrasound.  

We got some Amazing photos.  First they did the regular ultrasound profile shot.  He's gotten a bit bigger.  His estimated weight right now is 3 pounds, 3 ounces!  That's almost double what he was less than a month ago.  Great News!  They checked his head, heart, guts, my cervix and the placenta, and all of them looked great. He was head down. No more signs of the Tear, and like I said, I haven't bled in over 3 weeks, I think we may be past the really scary point.   I still get really tired, have no stamina, and my BP is squirrely, but I think we're out of the Danger Zone.  That was just my opinion at that point.   Then the tech pushed the 4D button.  

And we saw this Beautiful face.  He had his hand in front of his mouth, waving it around, he looked so much like Sam.  

Then we looked at this angle, and he looked just like Chris.  Chris has the exact same head shape and maybe the chin too, though it was kind of hard to see with the hand in front of hit.  

Then this was the heartbreaker, I became a puddle of mush.  He smiled.  He was smiling for us.  I told the story from this weekend, when we were discussing middle names, we're pretty decided on the first name, but the middle one eludes us.  I jokingly suggested Parasite to Eric.  And I got KICKED from the baby.  He did not appreciate that humor.  But he seems to have his own sense of humor.  He loves his big brother.  I think he hears Christopher, because when Chris comes cuddling up with me in the mornings, the baby will start wiggling for him.  Christopher got to feel him kick for the first time on Friday.  On Saturday morning, we were all lounging about in my bed, and I told Chris the baby was wiggling when he giggled.  Chris turned his head to my belly, putting his hand on it, and laughs at it.  Right on cue, the baby kicked.  It was Amazing. 

Meanwhile, in the doctor's office, my BP was a little high 132/84, but not as bad as I had seen it at home the last couple weeks.   Still, something to watch.  Meanwhile, we got all my bloodwork back, and it looks Great.  All my data is looking stable right now.  The baby is looking great.  Being over 3 pounds puts him at the 80th percentile for weight, which apparently (my doc says) is a great sign.  He made the comment the hypertension isn't bothering him.  And I was like huh?  He explained that with the high blood pressure, that the baby may not get enough nutrients, and would be small.  Not the case with This little Butterball!  And I don't have gestational diabetes either.  I was wondering given how prone to sugar crashes I've felt lately, and how much happier my body gets when I drink gatorade.  Baby loves the gatorade too, he does a happy dance minutes after I drink;)

Really, I'm feeling more human.  The only problem I've got to work out is the reflux thing, and that's Such a regular third trimester problem, I welcome it.  The insurance was disinclined to simply double my prilosec.  The doc suggest I pick up some OTC stuff.  Mayhaps.  But doubling the Labetalol has not only helped me feel better, but I'm doing better, a whole lot less spells.  I even Drove last Thursday (granted it exhausted me) but I took Sam to preschool in the morning, and didn't crash the car.  I'm not saying I'm doing great enough to resume all former activities, but slowly pushing, I think we can do.

Then he gave me the Best News.   See you in 2 weeks!   That's like the longest we've gone without me seeing some sort of doctor/specialist/someone since November!  I am so excited.