Friday, February 8, 2013


This week marks my official entry into the Third Trimester.  That's not surprising.  I can feel it.  Now I'm feeling more of those regular pregnancy uncomfortable issues.  Last week I started waking in the middle of the night to gaseous burps, like my reflux meds weren't quite cutting it.   And though my back feels better when I lay on my right side, the only way I can breathe is on my left.  It's weird, why does it matter if you're laying on the left?  I don't know.  But it's the only way I'm comfortable....and I use that term loosely, because after a night of sleeping on my left, my hip goes numb, and out of joint.  In addition,  I've been having trouble breathing.   I know, Duh.  I have been short of breath since October.  But no, that's changed too, a little bit worse, I think we're entering the phase of there's a baby pushing up against my lungs.   It's hard to catch my breath.  I woke up at the dark thirty this morning because I couldn't breathe.  So as I figure it, I'll finally get into the Pulmonologist at the end of February, and they'll tell me, Want a Cure, Have the Baby. 
It's like a Whole different pregnancy, just when you think you have it down, because it's your third, you realize, No you don't. But it's good news that today marks that it's been 3 weeks since I've had any spotting, maybe the tear is finally healed. 
Last night, I was freaking out because I was developing a rash on my belly.  I was worrying it was PUPPPs, I've had a couple friends who were the epitome of miserable when they were pregnant because of it, and I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.  But I lotioned up, and the rash hasn't gotten any worse.  Maybe it's as my girlfriends say, it's just winter, and pregnant women get itchy.  Nice to be normal for once.  

I went ahead and took a tacky fat belly picture.  Not so bad, as long as I don't use the flash. ;) 

I have been feeling better, sort of.  Definitely I feel that quitting the florinef was a wise decision.  I haven't been in as much Pain, so that's been easier.  It took a few days, but the amazingly bad mood I was in has also gone away.  So I think that was the steroids.  But my BP has been more floopsy. And Yes, that is the best way to describe it.  It makes me just feel weak, all the time.  This past weekend, I was having high episodes, like 160/100, and I was restless and light feeling.  It's a weird boat to be in, knowing that you have to lay down, but being so antsy, that laying down is not where you want to be, but sitting up or walking makes you feel worse.  So laying down is what I did.  I haven't had any bad low dips, if feel them start to come on, a little heat or something and I sit or lay down and start pumping my hands/arms/feet to get the juices flowing, but not going to crazy.  Sure, it may be all in my head, but at least it makes me FEEL Better so I'll keep it up.  

This week, when I went to the OB, I got to see one of the other docs in the office. Before we went in, I told Eric there were three things I wanted to tell the doctor about.  Hmmm, even now I have to think really hard at what they were.   Ah yes...

1.  My memory.  I am having a lot of trouble remembering things, I feel flighty, I'll be in the middle of a sentence and forget what I was talking about...hence trouble writing blogs. 
2.  Reflux.  As I mentioned I have been waking with burny burps.  Welcome to the 3rd trimester!  With both other boys I had reflux issues.  But this one, I have stayed on my prilosec the whole time, so they haven't been as bad, I haven't really been feeling the need for tums until the last couple weeks. 
3. Blood Pressure.  Been seeing more of the extremes on the blood pressure cuff at home.  

So I went into the doc, and I told him all about the blood pressure weirdness.  It was quite comforting, that even though this guy wasn't my primary doc, he came into the room, saying What's New, and when I went into the spiel about all that had been going on, he actually knew.  For once, a doctor had read my chart!  Nice.  Anyway, I told him since stopping the florinef, my BP was squirrely again.  In the office, my BP for them was 128/82,  not as high as I'd been seeing at home, so I wasn't sure if a. they'd believe me, or b. my kroger bp cuff is crappy.  But he believed me.  And he told me to double up on my Labetalol, and he pushed a button or two on his computer, and Bam, I got an updated script.  Apparently, I was on the lowest possible dose of it, so there was lots of wiggle room to kick it up.  

I mentioned that my reflux was acting up.  So he told me to double that too.  He said he'd send more to the pharmacy, only when Eric got there, it wasn't ready.  Then CVS called to tell me the insurance company wasn't OKing it.  So I haven't got that one yet either.  That's OK, with the not getting enough air, it's not the reflux that's been keeping me up.  Just a burp, some tums, and I lay down to toss and turn some more.  

In the doctor's office, Eric had to be the one to remind me what the Third Thing was, how flighty I've been.  But my doctor wasn't worried about that.  I figure a. he either thinks I'm flighty because I'm pregnant, or b. the extra floopsy blood pressure stuff is making it harder to think.   I lean towards the latter.  

I mean, here I am, just a couple days after doubling the Labetalol, I almost have enough thoughts together to write a blog, without sounding like a complete blithering idiot....Almost.  

Oh well, you understand.  And as I've been saying all along, I can do this.   My boys keep me sane.  Their smiles and hugs, and helpfulness make all of this So Much Easier.  For the lifetime reward of Joy at the end, like my Chris and my Sam, I'll take it!