Friday, March 13, 2009

The Tunnel

It's been one of those days, you know the "a lot of stuff happened and I cried all the way home" sort of days. I came home and lay down on the couch, and told Eric, I just feel like crying, and I don't know why. I had a yummy dinner out with my friend, and our kids were cute, crazy but cute. I just feel like crying.
"Maybe you did too much today."
Huh. I started replaying my day in my head...boy awake at 6, boy and I ready for day, boy on bus (that's enough to wear a girl out lately), MOPS, boy home, exhausted boy Not napping more than 45 minutes (consequently me neither-grrrr), take boy for haircut, post office, shopping at Jo-Ann's, and dinner out. No wonder my ankles are the size of treetrunks. Actually, our tree trunks may be smaller than my ankles at this point, and my "ankle-free" socks are digging into the overflow to top of foot. Who has swelling overflow. No wonder. Yeah, maybe I did too much today.
Then I started thinking, as I lay there. Do I hurt? Where? Then it hit me, where didn't I hurt? No where. Maybe that one last pinky knuckle or that one spot on my uppper lip. Everywhere else hurts. Not a specific pain, just dull achiness all around(except spine, that's always pretty pin-pointable).
Yeah, Eric was right. I did too much.

But there is a Light at the End of This Tunnel....