Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Theory

I'm working on a new theory, so humor me and respond if you apply, agree, or disagree. There are two kinds of people in the world, those that sleep breathing through their mouths and those that sleep breathing through their noses.

Each one of these presents certain problems. For example, if you're a mouth breather, you are more prone to snoring....again accordingly to my running theory. Snoring sometimes so loud they can wake themselves up! And since your mouth is wide open, it gets dry, morning breath-y. Chapped lips can happen, often too. I theorize also down the road, mouth breathers (big deep snorers) also are more likely to end up with Sleep Apnea. These people can fall asleep anywhere and often do.

Meanwhile, nose breathers, don't snore as much, usually. But they can make very obnoxious whistling noises while sleeping just as likely to drive their spouses nutsy. And when they have a cold, it's like the world is ending, because suddenly they have to switch hit. Two words: Snot bubbles. And a nose breather trying to sleep by mouth breathing is terrible, because suddenly they are drooling, or ending up with dry mouth themselves, or snoring great deep snores. Or just plain can't get comfortable.

God Bless You if you are in a "mixed marriage".


SuperSillyAunt said...

Some people are both depending on how they are laying when they fall asleep. For example: they fall asleep on their backs, they are a mouth breather. But if they fall asleep on their side, they are a nose breather. Either way, given just the right amount of alcohol, they snore. And one of my pet peeves is when I can only breathe out of one nostril and that poor thing gets really dry and starts to hurt like a mother....rrrrr, that just is sooo irritating!