Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm fairly certain the people that are driving me nutsy this morning don't read this blog, so I can safely gripe about it. We had a busy weekend. Hopefully our last one for a while. And it wasn't that the wingdings we participated were bad, it's just become clear that I'm Done with wingdings.
Friday morning, I had MOPS, and I Love it, I love bonding with the gals. But I was so tired just getting up and the boy and I dressed and out of the house, by the time I got there, all I could do was park myself in a chair and not do anything. I like being sociable and there were new moms I wanted to get to know better, and I just wasn't up to it. Then, as I was packing up to leave, getting all my goodies, as usual, I always leave with more than I come with. Eric had left the crockpot at church, so I've got that under one arm, and a half gallon of milk, and my papers, and one of the helpers stops me and wants to chat. Serious talk. Talk about her recent loss of a family member. I stood there, swaying, trying so hard to be polite. I wanted to be supportive, but I was so tired, and sore. Didn't she get the memo that I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant?!!!! She commented on it. I just stood there, trying to be polite, don't think I was very successful. I don't remember a single thing I said. I was just trying not to drop everything and fall down.

Blessedly the clock set me free, as I HAD to get home to meet the bus for Chris.

Saturday, we hosted for our church's progressive dinner. Which is Awesomely fun. I had never done anything like this until we started attending Messiah. But basically, you start out at someone's house, having appetizer snacks, then move on to a different home for the salad course, and then again for the main course, and then meet back at the church for mass desserts. There's lots of fun and fellowship, and occasionally (ok often) alcohol is involved. And let me tell you, the Lutherans can be a Fun Crew!
Anyway, when this year's dinner was scheduled, I was bummed, because we wouldn't be able to do it. We've hosted Appetizer for the last couple years, we have so much fun, but it's a lot of work. But Eric REALLY Wanted to. In fact, he talked me into it. There was one condition, That I NOT Lift a Finger to do anything. True to his word, I didn't have to do any work, by gum, he got it all done. I spent most of the latter half of last week worrying about it though. And by the time Saturday was done, I somehow managed to get good and exhausted.
Anyway, I got good and upset Saturday night, when Eric ran Chris over to the church, and there was NO Nursery care for this fellowship event. There has been the last couple years. Oh man, there for a minute I was good and steamed. But, as these things do, everything worked minutes. Blessedly, I called a friend on Very Short Notice, and she took Chris for a couple hours. That was great, we didn't have Chris creating meyhem while we had a dozen people over. She couldn't have him all night, but it ended up being a good thing that I planned on cutting out early to go get Chris, because I started contracting at the end of the salad course. So, Chris and I came home, and I crashed on the couch, and just let Chris run wild playing on all the chairs set up in the living room, and let him eat a second dinner of Mike-Sell's Groovy Potato Chips while Daddy went to Main Course. Neither of us made it to dessert, which is probably best since it's not Eric's favorite course and I gave up Chocolate for Lent and , and the temptation would have been Too Terrible for me.
Hey, he ate.
Then yesterday, we went to Chris's friend's birthday party. I did great for a while but then the crowds made me really hot, like hot flashes hot. I could've done ok. I love watching the cuteness behave cutely. Except that the guest of honor's Grandmother made some really insensitive comments to me too. Even though she'd been giving me weird looks since I walked in the door, so she knew something was up. That's her way, and goodness knows I've heard some stories, but this time, I was on the receiving end. I guess after 3 years, I fit in enough. Nearly family?
You know, I'm 9 1/2 bloody months pregnant, when you hear I'm due in two weeks, it's Not a compliment to say, oh I couldn't even tell you were pregnant. That's just means you think I'm fat. This lump is Not Fat, and although I'm top heavy, and that hides a good deal, and it took 8 1/2 months before strangers were commenting, but come on!
I've EARNED this, by gum!

Anyway, then I got an email this morning, insensitive, that has just pushed me over the edge. It may not sound as bad in print as it was in person, but just trust me. I'm Done with People. Well, done with people that aren't close friends, and some family members. I am beginning to think that the Victorian's didn't have it too bad, stay home and not be social, put the mother-to-be into isolation, and don't be social until the baby is here. I love my family, but right now, I am very glad I can send Chris to school. There is something appealing about just staying home in my jammies all day, and never leaving the house.

God Bless the internet though, so a girl can be social without really being social, and so she can Vent!


Carrie said...

Just. Sit. Down. I think you should demand your doc put you on bedrest... my blood pressure went up just reading your blog! LOL (I don't want to get on your bad side though so I should refrain from giving my opinion, huh? :)). Seriously... the most important job for you to do right now is to focusing on growing your new sweet baby boy. And, yes, last time I saw you I could tell you were preggers - just for the record.

Cathy said...

Don't worry, you're not on my bad side. And my BP seems to be doing swimmingly. I think Bedrest would be even worse actually, because I can't get comfortable. At. All. Plus, there's Chris...he wouldn't do well with Mommy on bedrest. I'll settle Dr. Cathy's order for two naps a day on school days and No more social activities after 6 p.m. At. All. No matter how groovy they sound.

Andrea said...

Awww I hear you! Come on babies - time to be born!

Anonymous said...

Cathy - I had a day when pregnant with Ethan (and remember I only got to 36 weeks with him) where I got told by three separate people that I was HUGE, that I looked like a bowling pin, and that I looked like I was OVERdue, was I sure I still had six weeks to go?
What a low point. But listen, you have totally earned the right to interrupt just about anybody and tell them what YOU need to do right at this moment because the most important thing is to keep you and baby happy right now. Other people suck. Breathe in, Breathe out. Get some rest and we'll be meeting the new guy soon enough! - Tamsin

Suellen said...

People are really pretty ridiculous. You totally look pregnant (and have for awhile). I sent a small gift with Lauren today. I hope you are getting as much rest as humanly possible. We are thinking of you and are anxiously awaiting news of your new little boy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about mom's email, 'cause I got it too and I didn't think it was insensitive...? It sucks that she has to go out of town next week, but since I'll be dog/house-sitting up there, if babyboy decides to come, then I'll be closer and get there so much quicker! Let me know if you need anything in the meantime...
P.S. My verification word is "baggyr" - how funny is that? :)