Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I got to go to Chick Fil-A with Amy and girls yesterday, and I was once again given a reminder why I love Chick Fil-A. See #1.

Thirteen Reasons to Love Chick Fil-A

1.The People-Yesterday a young girl (like 4 or 5) saw me waiting for Chris by the play area and asked me, "Shadey dogs in zoos?" "What?", I asked. "Do you love God and Jesus?" "Why yes," I replied, utterly shocked, "yes I do." "I just knew it." she said, and with that she turned and left. Maybe she saw my cross pendant, maybe an angel was lurking nearby. But wow. The thought made me smile all the way home.
2.The Playground-One time, Chris wanted to go up the jungle gym to the slide, but its not meant for parents to enter, and this young girl, daughter of an employee, helped Chris up, and over, and went down the slide with him, like 5 times. He calls the playground, My Slide. Even though he hasn't slid it since. He melts down when he can't play on it. Yesterday all he did was run around the tree once, and open the door 6 times, and I said we were done, and meltdown. But Chick Fil-A is one of all 2 places near us that has a play area, and I love them for it.
3. Free Refills
4. The Staff-Sometimes the staff will come around, offer to take my trashy tray, or get me free refills, sauces, I don't even have to get up. Even their drive thru crew is super cheerful and polite.
5. All White Meat Chicken Breast. All their chicken is noticeably from chicken. I worked at KFC and Boston Market, I know chicken. Even the nuggets have muscle fibers, that shred like meat off the bone, not like Chicken McNuggets where the origin is iffy.
6. Chicken Nuggets. Yum. Can you say Party Platter? There were NONE left after Christopher's First Birthday Party, we got a tray of 200.
7. Chicken Sandwich. The first. The Original. Yum-O.
8. Whole Wheat Buns. How many places offer a whole wheat bun option? Seriously.
9. Caffeine Free Diet Coke -Hard to come by in public, but our whole family is so sensitive to caffeine anytime after lunch keeps them up for hours, but we love our Diet Coke.
10. Breakfast Chicken Burrito-Grilled onions and green peppers, eggs and cheese, and their own fabulous chicken nuggets. How can we go wrong? Can't.
10. Their whole Breakfast campaign. -Eric loves the Chicken Biscuits. I'm partial to the burrito, but we do agree on the Chicken Minis-nuggets wrapped in yeast rolls. Plus, how many fast food restaurants put flowers on their tables?
11. The Crazy Cows -Every time we see those signs, Eat Mor Chikin, we can't help but giggle a bit. And you should've seen the cow calendar they put out last year, hysterical.
12.Christian Music -Pumped strongly in through the stereo. I have been known to accompany Chris in the play area, singing loudly. (only when he's the only kid in there.
13.Not open on Sundays-I give them kudos for this in a retail world, even though it's usually on Sundays after church when I want Chick Fil-A the most.


amypfan said...

14. Not that we got a chance to partake yesterday, what with babies melting down and you having intense dieting willpower (whereas I am weak), but I'd like to add Scrumptious Desserts to the list. Hand dipped milkshakes, mm. Fudgy brownie, mm. Brownie a la mode, double mm.

Jenibug7 said...

You know what I love about Chik-Fil-A? Ask them ANYTHING and they will reply "My Pleasure". Say thank you and they will say "My Pleasure". I like to say thank you again after they say it because then they say it again- it's great. lol

Andrea said...

15. They have Kid's Night on Wednesday nights where they provide face painting, hat making, and have a guy dressed in a cow outfit. Hannah kept calling him "Mr Cow" and spent practically the entire time we were there following him around, hugging him and giving him high five.

I LOVE Chic Fil A!!!

Kathy said...

cute story! (#1) I've only been to chik-fil-a one time!