Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving Forward

Well, after a good few weeks of insanity, I have to say, life around the Willman household is calming down, even, dare I say it, settling into a routine. I was talking to my friend today, and it feels like we've been in a static holding pattern these last few weeks. It feels like we're finally ready to move forward. And move forward we shall. Eric has this week off of work, and we've opted not to travel as a family, given recent events, but we're still going to have a happy mix of play and fun. We've been making sure to do something fun everyday, in spite of a fair amount of productivity. Saturday, we stayed home all day long, watching movies, ok Eric ran 10 K in Lafayette, but Chris and I didn't do much. We only ventured out for 1/2 hour to the Brownsburg Rec Center to find some goodies which included a Harry Potter Broomstick, and a swimsuit one piece with floating vest attached, excellent for hiding a tube. Yesterday, was more fun, with Putt Putt, lunch and napping. Very important things! Though Eric did productive computer things. Today, we began preparations to paint the living room ceiling, clearing out living room stuff, and picked up paint to do the kitchen and living room. Tweaked my back a bit, not too bad, drugs and a nap helped immensely. We played by making a Starbucks run on the way home from Lowe's. The kitchen is going to be yellow, and the living room, a pale mocha. It looks weird and empty up there now. The couch is in the front hall, the piano is blocking the back hallway, only Mr. Eric skinny legs can get into the bathroom. Crazy. We registered Chris for a 10 a.m. Saturday Swim Class with IndyParks at 62nd and Georgetown. Looking forward to that. Today, we officially registered to participate in Relay for Life, which is a 24 hour walk to benefit cancer from this coming Saturday to Sunday. We, of course, joined a team, we're not crazy enough to go 24 hours alone; our friend Corie is leading, she's that crazy, but we're participating too. See donation link, or prayerfully consider joining our team. Not sure which hours we're taking, but Chris will be coming along!
We feel Chris is doing really well, he's still a little sensitive to speed filling of his stomach, but we've got down a system....AND, here's great news, his Grandma Willman is eager and willing to learn how to feed Chris, so she can borrow him without our presence. She actually conducted the majority of his lunch feeding, with absolutely no incidents, no backflow, no mess...Awesome. We actually were able to leave Chris in the nursery at church this Sunday, also without incident. We were so excited at how well things have been going, and with how willing our friends and family are to help out. We've decided to skip out. Our big 10 year anniversary is this Friday, and we were planning on running away for the weekend. That changed. However, Chris is doing so well, and since Mom is wonderful and willing, we're going to attempt to do our 10 year anniversary at the Cantebury, having an overnight at the same hotel as our wedding night. Eric called today, and they actually DID have an opening. It's going to be awesome. We're running. I'm a bit scared..scared and excited.

As they say in Monsters, Inc. "Great plan...Simple, yet insane!"


Kathy said...

Have a wonderful anniversary!! How special and I'm you get to get away!

Andrea said...

Happy anniversary!!!

amypfan said...

I'm so glad you'll still get the chance to get away and celebrate! Should have known you scheme-y two would come up with something.