Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summary Saturday, The Ten

So, yesterday was our big Ten Year Anniversary.
Reminscent of Friends, (the Anni-Vegas-Versary episode) we were messing around with what to call it, since we were headed to the Cantebury hotel for dinner and overnight escape, we thought Cantebursary, or the Anntebury?
Anyway, the day called for a family picnic to Butler Gardens, to the site where Eric proposed. Eric gave me my promise ring, and asked me to marry him on that same park bench. And we chose that site to place on each other's fingers our big gift. We've updated our wedding bands, to a platinum milgrain band for each one of us.

It was beautiful, sunny, and Chris was running around us, playing in the trees. When we sat on the bench, he wanted to be by our sides, which actually felt kind of appropriate. What a wondrous live we share. Ten Years is not enough....I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I am honored to spend the rest of my life with him, love of my life, father of my child.

We asked each other to list the Top 5 highlights of the last 10 years. I figured, we'd then get a list of 10.

Cathy's Top 5
1. Disney World Honeymoon
2. Christopher
3. Hawaii
4. Family Cross Country Trip
5. Day trips to Ventura/Ojai when we lived in LA.

Eric's Top 5
1. Wedding
2. Son being born
3. Hawaii
4. Big Road Trip
5. California

I was amazed. No, each of us made the same list. Not only did we pick pretty much the same things, we even picked them in the same random order. Eric found it very interesting that I picked 5 of our happiest times and he picked based on significance. For example, he sites Christopher's birth, umm, that particular moment was not the happiest in my life, however Christopher has made me the happiest ever. Or our wedding, he picked our wedding day for significance, I picked our honeymoon in Disney World. (I got little stressed and hungry on the actual wedding day.) Our two years in California- I picked the happiest of those days, he just lumped it into one big significant thing, which it was. If not for those times, I don't think we'd have as strong a marriage as we do. Being out there with no family taught us we had to rely on God and each other.

All things considered when you look at this list, we've done a lot in 10 years! Part two of this Top 5 was for us to make a list of 5 things we want to do in the next 10 years, also interesting.

Cathy's Top 5
1. Have another Baby
2. Go to China
3. Europe
4. New House
5. California-two week road trip

Eric's Top 5
1. New House
2. Disney World
3. Expand our family through birth or adoption
4. Europe (Germany, Ireland, England)
5. Extended Family Trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota

So many things overlap, and so many similar goals. I'm so glad we're such a perfect pair.


Jenibug7 said...

That is SO awesome! I loved reading your lists!!!

Kathy said...

how sweet!!

amypfan said...

I love it! You two really are perfect together.