Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summary Sunday, The Rest

I was so excited last night to write down and post pictures, that I realized this morning how much I wanted to tell you guys, but I hadn't mentioned. First, we painted the living room, but since we wanted a relaxing rest of the weekend, given it's our summer vacation, we opted to NOT paint the kitchen too. I'm glad of this decision actually, we've been able to take it easier today. It also gave us the opportunity to put pictures back on the walls, and to pull together a collection for GoodWill.
So, Friday night Eric and I dropped Chris off at Grandma's and continued on to the Cantebury Hotel. They knew we were coming, and had upgraded us, no charge, to a Parlor Suite, which was fairly Victorian in nature with a King Size 4 poster bed, whirlpool bath, two lovely spacious rooms. It was beautiful. We went downstairs for dinner at The Restuarant, which (and this is high praise) is as good as The Glass Chimney. Expensive. Yes. Worth it? Oh yes. Apparently, their valet parking is free if you go to The Restaurant, for future reference. Our highlights included ahi tuna appetizer, lobster bisque, duck, kobe beef, and passion fruit creme brulee. We were buzzing a bit, from enjoying our Reisling, and the evening, and our lovely day....and we went outside (we only had to step out the door) for a Carriage Ride. Storms were rolling in, threatening, but they were very kind to us, held out, and we only got lightning and thunder and the sky turning beautiful shades of red, blues, and orange of sunset during our ride. Our horse didn't freak out either, another blessing, and our carriage was covered, and though it was sprinkling when we got back to the hotel, the entrance was covered, and we didn't get wet. Little things. Apparently there were tornados, but we didn't hear anything of the sort downtown. I tried to snap pictures with our cell phone, but it looks kind of crazy.

We decided to go see the late night showing of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. How lovely to be so crazy and go to the movies at 9 p.m.?! Remember the days... And actually, it WAS a good movie. My scale for the goodness of a movie is how much would I pay to see it. For example, would I wait for cable? Would I rent it? I don't know that I would pay night time prices to see this one again, but I don't regret our paying night time prices. Does that make sense? I would recommend anyone go see it in the theatre, definitely for matinee prices.
*Spoiler Alert* I had heard mixed reviews. Overall, if you are an Indy fan, I'll say, I didn't like it as much as 3, but better than 2, and fairly similar to 1. Actually, there were a lot of nods to the previous movies and characters which I did appreciate. Cate Blanchett does scary spooky so well. They really had her eye piercing the screen. The aliens thing was a little farfetched, but they managed to tie it in with archeology quite well I thought. They could've done worse trying to carry on the line, but I think they pulled it off. They call Indy's son, Mutt. The kid who plays him was great. They could move on, but they don't have to, enough closer for me, happily ever after sort of thing. Not quite, horses riding off into the sunset but not bad. Eric wondered if perhaps they named the dog Mutt, like they "named the dog, Indiana".
So then the next morning, we got Room Service. We ordered a huge breakfast, an omelette, Eggs Benedict, and pancakes delivered to us just as I climbed out of the whirlpool bath (a tub with jacuzzi-ing jets, not as wide as a garden tub, but still fabulous). They had bathrobes. I tell you, I had not been treated so fancy since our honeymoon....And it felt good.
From the hotel, we grabbed Chris, who had been an angel for Grandma until we got there, at which time he lost his lunch. From cleanup we went to participate in Brownsburg Relay for Life. It was awesome. Chris only took a power nap between locations, but it was great. There was some confusion and delay with the rain, they'd moved the party into the Brownsburg West Middle School. We arrived just in time for the Beginning Ceremonies, and I was thrilled that they included God in their celebrations. So many people had such spirit. I was so proud of my friend Corie who had Team T-shirts and posters and all kinds of cute goodies and things. She did an amazing job! (And I'm not just saying that because she likely will be reading this, she did!) She'd even got her massage therapist to come and donate her services, in which you bet I partook. (Is partook a real word?) There was a silent auction, and so many tempting goodies (that I didn't need) that let's just say it was good that I had to keep walking, and not stop to shop. We walked for 2 solid hours, no easy task given the crowds. They had made the "track" go from circling within the gym, down a hall into a lap in the cafeteria. There was entertainment in the cafeteria and gym, but in the middle path, the auction was set up, and stopped people made constant walking difficult. I was sore afterwards, not sore enough for drugs, but enough for an early night, today I'm just fine. I broke in my new walking shoes, and my feet felt fabulous.
Today, we took it super easy, getting the house back together, letting Chris be crazy, and enjoying our last day of vacation. I can't wait for the next one.


Carrie said...

How much fund does that sound? Steve and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last June at West Baden. Sometimes you just have to do it up big!

Unknown said...

Thanks for walking the blanket and the positive comments.

amypfan said...

I don't think I have EVER been that pampered--sounds wonderful!!!!