Thursday, June 26, 2008

Berry Good Tries

So for this week's Thursday Thirteen, I was posting pictures of our adventure going berry picking today with Chris, his Nana and Mommy. I used my phone for pictures, and for some reason, blogger loves all my vertical shots, but the horizontal ones are coming up crooked. I could post them, but I won't as they'll give me a headache, and likely you too.

Chris was Berry Ready.

We thought the blueberry plants were so cool. We'd never seen them growing. Not only are they pretty, but they had this wonderful light fragrance. I SO want to grow blueberries.

Chris had a good time. By the time we finished picking blue and rasp berries we were too tired and Chris was a hot fuss. He was happy to get back in the car.

We had a great time, first we picked berries: 2 Quarts of Blueberries, then half a quart of black raspberries, which had just begun to ripen, and someone else "cleared them out" earlier in the day, so we didn't get lots. Then we found some bushes of mulberries and some mystery berry, that looks like a mulberry too, but a bit bigger. We picked up some already picked strawberries, though we didn't do them ourselves. Here's a picture of our berry stash. Berry yummy.

Mom and I decided to get a bit crazy and while Chris slept sweetly, we made jam. First we made blueberry jam, then we used a bit of the leftover blueberry and added strawberries, the black raspberries, and mulberries. Oh, just stirring smelled better than any lotion or candle. I'm stirring the jam, though it's hard to see, I'm also pouring it. Mom and I make a great canning/jam making team. She burns her hands on the dishes, and I stand at the pot, getting splattered by boiling fruit sugar mixture. But, we make a mean jam, mighty fine, I can't wait to taste it.


Kathy said...

yum! we used to do this growing up; I love home made jam!

Suellen said...

You are way more domestic than I am, but the berries look super yummy (especially since I have been on a huge fruit kick lately!)

amypfan said...

This sounds like a great activity for Bryn! Where did you go?

Cathy said...

I love making jam, anything sweet, really. We went to Spencer's between Carmel, Westfield, and Noblesville.