Friday, May 9, 2008

Tink Happy Tawts

1. Vacation Toes (or in this case Birthday Toes).

I meant to post this earlier, and lost track. But now seems a great time to post happy thoughts. Mommy took advantage of Daddy being home on her birthday last week to go out and get her nails done. When the nice nail lady found out it was my birthday, she put happy little flowers on my toenails and my fingernails too. Chris immediately noticed, pointed, smudged, and said, Happy Feowers.

2. Happy Feowers. Christopher fell in love with the tulips on our walk. He has begun to make rounds around the house, daily really. Happy Feowers is what he calls these flowers in bloom. We were able to plant all our garden flowers along the front walk on Monday evening before the rains (that have now been going for the past 4 days). Apparently Happy Feowers are not limited to tulips, but can also be petunias, geraniums, impatiens, and snapdragons. I love that he loves Happy Flowers too.

3. My Favorite Birthday Present. No, my favorite birthday present was not the scrumptious smelling coffees, Disney Movies, The Magic Bullet, getting my nails done, or any number of fabulous dinners. All wonderful. But no. It was a homemade birthday cards from my nieces. Below is the poem from my 6 year old niece, Alexis:
To Aunt Kathy, Hi! Hola! Happy birthday. Felis compleonos! You are one of my favorite people on Earth! (flip over, wrong side)Once again, happy birthday!
roses are red, violites are blue, It's you're birthday here...and mind will be soon!
huh? what did I just do? I'm a poet? are you sure? you're mistaken. I sware! huh? I'm blushing?

Seriously, my favorite birthday present. I'd scan it in to post it if I could, but I'll just file it away forever.

4. Chocolate covered brownies.

5. My 1989 Hard Rock Cafe Jacket in the lightest bleached denim. The 80's called and they wanted their jacket back. They're going to have to find it on ebay. But when Amy and Ben saw it, Amy started laughing, and then I started laughing, and we laughed so hard, there were tears...and maybe some snorting.

6. We met our family deductible for the year on our health insurance, so we shouldn't have to pay hardly anything for Chris's surgery...and MRI...and all the goodies that go with it all.

7. Dr. West, our surgeon from Chris's previous surgeries, and the surgeon for the G-tube insertion, has the advantage of already knowing Christopher, "inside and out".

8. "Silent Aspirator." When muttered, it sounds like a swear word, doesn't it?

9. I have to "post a blog". Eric mentioned that he thinks it sounds like a euphemism for going to the bathroom.

10. Green Apple Martinis. Don't really need to say more.


Jenibug7 said...

I like the ailent aspirator thing. That would be funny if we started a trend saying that under our breath when we are really mad. LOL What surgery??? Please email me and let me know.

Jenibug7 said...

Ok, I just read Chris's blog and learned all about the surgery. No need to email me all the details. But all I hear in my head is my voice saying "No! No! No!" So, just know that I am praying for you, friend!!! Ugh- I just hate this for you. I look forward to a post that things all went as planned. Won't it be nice to look back, someday, and be able to see what it was God was up to in this difficult time?! Give Chris a hug for me!

amypfan said...

"Post a blog." Hahaha! I agree with Jen about the "silent aspirator" thing. Love Alexis's card too!!

Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading your post; your toes look very have nice looking feet. Is that weird?! :)