Monday, May 12, 2008

Sidekick to Crazy

Eric came home early today, actually he had a rough morning, and worked half of it from home. So, since he was home, I got schemey after swim class and we decided to go to dinner and a movie. We were going to see Horton Hears a Who. Since Chick-Fil-A is right across the street, and we've got friends right there, the plan just fell into place. As we were driving to the dinner and a movie this evening, I could tell Eric was not as interested in the festivities as Chris and I were. I must confess I primed Chris, and asked him the loaded question, Do you want to see the elephant? Do you want to see Emily? Of course he did. Once he started talking about the elephant, he didn't hush up about it. Eric was like, I was really looking forward to winding down this evening. Well, when I'm not actively doing something, my mind wanders to places I don't like, so I want to keep busy. Eric just smiled and said, well you if you want to be Crazy. I laughed and told him, you knew I was crazy when you married me. Heck you signed up for the job, Permanently! So, your role is everymore Sidekick to Crazy.

Hmmm. Catchy. Luckily he's not alone. I'm so blessed in having many friends and family members who love to volunteer for role as Sidekick to Crazy. Thanks guys.


amypfan said...

Funny! And how was the movie? I may need to take Bryn as a celebration to summer..... 9 more days!