Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Today's Thursday Thirteen is brought to you by the Letter T!

1. Two- The number of Hours Chris has been awake. Two Trying Hours!
2. Time Outs-See number 1, Two Timeouts in Two Hours. It's going to be a long day.
3. Toss-Tossed in a load of laundry. Can actually see my closet floor again, how refreshing!
4. Throw-Chris and Fina were having a fine time this morning, throwing, chasing, catching one of the balls to Chris's other toy. So Cute. Chris is getting bossy and saying, Fina No Chew Ball, but then he turns around and throws her the bloody ball!
5. Take Temperature-I restarted taking my basal body temperature. It's the first thing I do before getting out of bed in the morning. I was proud I only forgot to take my thermometer with me to the hospital. Inconvenient sure, but scientifically interesting, reveals lots!
6. Trash-I was clearing off the kitchen table, and I have thrown away my 27 pieces of trash today!
7. Taters-We went to the store this weekend, but ironically didn't get any healthy, fast breakfast food. So, it feels like, when I go for breakfast, the cupboards are full, but there's "nothing to eat". So, I broke into a bag of barbeque potato chips for breakfast.
8. Taste-Oh, and I sampled a bit of the Iced Triple Chocolate Brownies I made last night....breakfast of champions.
9. Teach-Christopher brought me a book to read, some letters to put into their giant puzzle, and he repeated A, P, and H, remarkably clearly. I was in the shower, and he came in, "Help A." I looked and he had the letter P with the inside popped out, and needed me to put it back together. So, brought to you by the letters A, H, and P...and T!
10. Tweak-I tweaked my back yesterday. Chris had a urinary incident in bed, and I was trying to prep the crib for naptime, by changing the sheet. Remind me to NOT change the crib sheets. When done, my back was angry. It was a good thing I had a chiropractor appointment, but since my spine was a tense mess, I actually felt worse leaving than when I'd gone in. First time for that. Today, my back is a back on the edge, like one wrong move will set it off again, and as usual, we're too busy having fun to take the good drugs and render myself stupid. And along with being stupid, what do I do?...
11. Tidy-Today is the day the house gets cleaned, so I picked up, did dishes, put laundry away. It's not yet 10, and I'm exhausted! And my back is not happy.
12. Tamsin's Trick-My friend Tamsin told me a story of a trick she does in the morning. I do it most days, as I have little time for getting ready leisurely, and I think of her Every Time. As we know, Moms have little time for soaking in the shower, not like some husbands who like to soak for 1/2 hour as we're trying to get to the 8 o'clock Church Service. We're lucky enough to get time to shower at all, and since there's NO soaking time, she told me about this trick she does. Take an effecient (brief) shower, then at the very end, kick up the hot water, not enough to scald, but enough to relax the muscles into liquid as the new level of warmth pours down the back. Stop and soak for 30 seconds. 30 seconds is all I need to feel the same level as if you had taken a long soaking shower.
13. Think-I was thinking in the shower what to post today.:) Couldn't decide whether to do a Top Thirteen of pictures from where I was last year, or this list. We were at the Grand Canyon last year at this time, last week I wanted to do the Top 13 pictures from our trip of the Badlands, but when I started looking, I realized I'd never labeled all my pictures... a whole other project. I Think I choose wiser, it would be a monster to try to pick 13 pictures amongst the over a thousand I took last year.


Kathy said...

I take my temp every day too- a pain, but I agree worth it, because you learn so much.

And I def think sometime you should do the top 13 pictures from last year...I would realy love to see them... :)

Kathy said...

p.s. careful on your back today - hope you feel better