Sunday, May 4, 2008

Time To Get Serious

My friend Kathleen took on the huge challenge of organizing her office. Motivated by her, I decided to start with something too. Corie did her pantry last week too. She and I were talking at her Spa Party the other night about the shelf life of make up, perfume, and girlie lotions. Yeah, it's like no more than a year. Does that make anyone else blush? Yeah. I swore off most perfumes and lotions when pregnant and when Chris was tiny because he would snip at me if I smelled funny. I haven't bought myself more than a few bars of soap since. In my prior life, I often drowned my sorrows at Bath and Body Works. Don't get me started on candles. So I had 3 shelves full of, for lack of a better word, crap. Today, I pitched 3 plastic bags full of old makeup, perfume, and lotions, and paraphernalia, narrowing it down to only 4 B&BW scents: Cotton Blossom, Plumeria, Sweet Pea, and Gardenia Lily. You can tell a lot about a person by what their favorite scents are...What are yours?
Anyway, so motivated by this productivity, this evening, I also feed and watered my flowers, my annuals and perenials that are sitting out on the edge of the driveway, because I've lacked the strength to plant them. That's my next big step. But first I had to do some weeding. Weeding is my downfall. I love gardening, I don't even mind harvesting. But I hate weeding. So, I've found a method that's more realistic. I take one plastic trashbag, Kroger size, and pluck weeds until it's full. That's all, I stop. It's about all the physical activity I can handle. But I'm back on the bandwagon!


amypfan said...

I cleaned out a drawer in my kitchen. Does that count for anything? :) And, WOW, do I ever need to clean out old makeup!

Cathy said...

If your kitchen drawers look like my kitchen drawers, than that's progress! Go FlyLady, power in 15 minutes!!!

Kathy said...

I really need to check out flylady. :) I'm jaelous of all the organization you've been doing!

Cathy - my favorite scent is Lilac!