Friday, May 2, 2008

My Sweet Dogwood

This was a dogwood I bought in spring 2003, and it bloomed in 2004, was only green in 2005, and a dead twig by 2006. I've always wanted a red dogwood. Twas sad to lose it. Every spring, I miss it. Mommy says I didn't plant it in an area where it was sheltered enough. I suppose that's true. I need a bigger yard. -Gonna need a bigger boat.
Interesting things about dogwoods, those bright colored things are not technically flowers. They are leaves, they're the base leaf to the flower which here is the yellow green central portion. I forgot what that base leaf is called. But it's cool, the colorful part isn't the flower. That's why I love dogwoods, heck that's why I love plants. Just when you think you have it figured out. You don't.
For example, the other day I posted those 2 tulip pictures. They were the same flower taken on 2 different days. That flower started out yellow with a hint of orange, then went orange with hint of yellow. Cool. Anyway, Tulips and Daffodils are actually Monocots, which means their flower petals are in 3 or multiples of 3, see below. Dicots are groups of 4s or 5s, like a rose. In the tulip's case it's usually a 6 pointed flowery star of david sort of thing.

I had to double check which was which, I am NOT so awesome as to remember the terminology of which had which, I just knew that one was goofy, it didn't group 6 like the others. The aforementioned tulip was a lovely Gift of nature creating 4 petals and 4 petals, creating an 8 point cross instead of the customary 6. A Blessing of Nature. Then again, aren't they all.


Kathy said...

Your knowledge impresses me! Dogwoods are beautiful! We don't have one...I'm afraid I'll kill it.

Anyway, I thought of you today because I went to the garden center to pick out my annuals.