Monday, May 26, 2008

Kocoa Bears

I used to have a Koala bear, named Cocoa, because Koala looked like Kocoa to me. They're all Kokoa Bears now. Is that why we love the stuffed ones so much, because they look like stuffed animals in real life. Chris won one of the new stuffed ones when we were at Sean's Birthday Party at the zoo in March. I hate to see how much they're asking for that stuffie there now. We went to the zoo yesterday and got to see the Koalas. Very cool. Very very cool, and they weren't even awake. They sleep 18-22 hours a day, so it's likely we're not going to see much in the way of movement out of them. What I really thought was cool, was how nice it smelled there. I made the comment, it really smells lovely, Kathleen turns to me, in all mock seriousness, You think that could be the eucalyptus? Oh. Yeah. But it did, it smelled really nice. When one is at the zoo, one treasure pleasant smells. But I brought my handy dandy zoom lens and got 2 cool shots of Sleepy and Sleepier. I don't lug out the Big Boy very often, but I'm very glad I took him yesterday. Handy to have Eric handy to wrangle Chris while I play paparazzi. Yeah, very cool.


amypfan said...

I saw them yesterday, and they were once again asleep. You got some great pictures!