Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Taken 3/29/2007

I felt like this penguin yesterday. Surrounded by hysteria trying to take a good stretch.
Yoga doesn't work well for Chris and I. I tried to do yoga yesterday with Chris. Yoga does not relax one, when in the middle of trying to stretch in positions that I barely bend and trying to take calming relaxing breaths, one must frequently pause to scream, yell, and storm upstairs to put a child into Time Out. Yeah. Not so much. And I lost no weight last week either. Drowned my sorrows with Amy P. splitting some beastly chocolate blizzard with brownie bits and chocolate covered peanuts. Yeah, nuts are good for me...and it had been a while since real chocolate. Poor Eric had a Day too. It feels like every day is a DAY.

Are all mothers of 2 year olds "Women on the Edge"?