Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moments of Bliss

Is it wrong I banished the boys? Chris was getting so awful this afternoon. He earned 4 time outs in 20 minutes for screaming at me, grabbing my boobs, and hitting me. Two of them were so back to back I didn't even pull him out of the crib. The second Eric walked in the door, I said, How about you and Chris go to White Castle for dinner? The only thing Mommy likes at White Castle are the chicken sandwiches, but the boys like it more, so it's more of a place we attend on a holiday or just to make Eric happy. Chris was ok with this idea, I say Go, he starts raving Do Ouside (Go outside-someone likes the outdoors in the spring). He even repeated White Castle, more like Ride Isadazzle, then he tried again, Isa White! Chris had a good exhausting morning, we played outside, then he only slept an hour. He needed to have slept longer. I needed to have slept longer. He's been in my face a lot lately. I can't even go to the bathroom by myself. He literally crawls into my lap. It's getting annoying. He seems to always want to be on my chest. You'd think he'd be over all that once he stopped nursing, but not this week. I guess I put up with it in little bits for so long I didn't notice the extreme body takeover. It used to be sweet when Chris would curl up on my chest, in the days when he was about 2/3 smaller. But now I'm getting to the end of my limits, and so my chest has become off limits. It's like Mount Vesuvius, I explode because I can't take anymore. I erupt like Vesuvius a lot, grumbling and grumbling and grumbling, then BAM. I nearly put him in Time Out for not getting off my boobs multiple times today. He got plenty of timeouts for this fabulous noise he makes, a cross between a scream, a growl, and a squawk. Somehow I didn't notice it until today, Amy made a comment, and I said I usually don't worry unless it's accompanied by hitting. And for the rest of the day he was grawking at me, it felt like every 5 minutes. Oy.
What will you do for dinner, Eric asked me. Stay here. In the quiet. Maybe eat whole grain Lean Pockets. So, I got rid of them. I lit a candle, had a quiet supper on the couch, watching mindless tv. And now I blog. It's my therapy, you know.
I should've known it was going to be a Day, when by 9 this morning, he'd had a time out and I had actually locked the door to the bathroom. See above body invasion. I didn't worry unless it got silent, and it wasn't. I was actually happy to lock myself into the bathroom, I even shaved the lower halves of my legs. Talk about wild and crazy. It was such a pretty day I went so far as to break out the capris and sandals. Tis the season!
Meanwhile, I just wanted to post these pictures from our Breast Cancer walk on Saturday. Chris was extra precious. He didn't care it was raining. Instead of being a Race for the Cure, I've been calling it Mosey for the Cure. 40,000 people do NOT move fast. I liked the small crowd of the Ovarian Cancer walk better. It was powerful though to see all these people trying to make a difference. Energizer was giving out bunny ears, so we'd keep "Going Going Going". Chris liked them. I find it humorous how like the Energizer bunny he is, for he also keeps going and going and going....

But he looks good in pink!


Unknown said...

Have a fresh start tomorrow!

amypfan said...

Glad to hear that you got the night off at least!

Jenibug7 said...

Keep on goin' sista! God when grant you grace when you need it, energy when you need it, and patience when you need it. Just keep looking to Him for wisdom and giving yourself moments of "me" time, even if that does mean locking yourself in the bathroom!