Thursday, April 24, 2008


I got bit by a botany bug. Somehow in the last few years I've become a flower-a-holic. I have been taking pictures of flowers like a madwoman since I got my "new" camera (in 2004), but I didn't have an outlet for my floweryness until recently. The White River Gardens has become my new favorite place. Eric had me hold off planting bulbs in the yard until he finished bricking in the garden as he wanted, so now I can plant as I wish. Let me tell you, my row of tulips on my front walk is SO GORGEOUS right now I can't stand it. I'm out there taking pictures of flowers every flipping day.

Now I'm uncontrollable. I love walking through gardens and looking at flowers and plants I've never seen. I love seeing flowers I've seen come up every year. They are like God's fingerprints. My girlfriend asked me today if I would help her choose some flowers for her walkway. I'm like Oh Boy, I should take more pictures of flowers at the zoo...for ideas. I'm a nut! Even Chris is getting in on it. He kept asking me if he could "See Fowers" after I would snap a picture. He runs around the front yard chanting, "Happy Fowers". Apparently, Mommy likes Botany.


Kathy said...

Your garden is gorgeous! I do the same thing (walk around the garden every day taking pictures) , except I can't say our flowers look very good.

Our tulips can't even bloom because the previous owners planted them in the shade. I need to learn how to transplant them without killing them! :)

I should check out the White River Gardens!

amypfan said...

I can attest to the gorgeousness of your front walk. If I ever get confident enough that I think I can have a garden that I won't kill, I will be asking you for advice. :)

Jenibug7 said...

You know, if you guys came down to Texas, you could see REAL Texas Bluebonnets! That would be worth the drive, right?! :)