Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bloat

OK, so I have fallen off the wagon so far the Log of Shame is really living up to its name. I've been avoiding carbs for a while, until recently, so now I can really feel it now that I'm pumping them back into my bloodstream. With a small vengence. I can't sleep if I've had a carby or caffeinated lunch or supper, and I'm feeling a bit bloaty. How come I never noticed this before? This is a terrible time of year for me to behave myself, eating wise. It's birthday week. My sister and I have our birthdays within a few days. She's 2 years and 363 days younger, actually. And my brother-in-law is 2 years and 3 days younger also. Anyway, now that we're older we do mass familial celebrations. And how do we celebrate? We eat. Yeah.
So, Friday, we had Super Snazzy Birthday Dinner at The Glass Chimney with Mom, Lisa, James, Eric and I. It is definitely the BEST restaurant in town. It looks like a house up in Carmel on Old Meridian, totally out of place with the new way of Carmel. We thought this was going to be our last trip. It's been announced the Chef (owner, Deeter Puska) is retiring after a little over 30 years in business, and we were going to do this last hurrah up right. Once we got there we found out it had been bought and they'll hopefully keep some of the same foods and ideas. Maybe Deeter will advise. Eric took me there the night he proposed, and we usually do very special occasions there. Chris was not allowed to come, at least by Mommy and Daddy. I even got dolled up in sparkles and black velvet for the occasion, yeah, and legs shaved. Even at it's noisiest, it's still has a pretty quiet atmostphere, and the European cuisine...fabulous. Some of my favorites are Duck Breast with Huckleberry sauce, Schnitzel with Lingonberry sauce, Crepes, Bananas Foster, and Steak Diane. This visit I had Steak Diane, which they prepare tableside by coating the steak in a mustard sauce and sauteeing, then using a bit of sherry, mushroom, and onion to create a great gravy. Yum-O. For dessert the 5 of us split 3 rounds of Banans Foster, also prepared tableside-butter and brown sugar carmelized with some Rum and Creme de banana, add bananas, saute, and light on fire. Once bananas are flopsy then fruit and sauce are dumped over fine vanilla ice cream. Eric's favorite dessert EVER.
We did the walk on Sunday but 4K didn't make a dent with the fraction of physical exertion to amount eaten, because we had another birthday dinner with my Dad and Stepmom. It was a lovely evening for a cookout, time for the season of fruit salad, brats on the grill, and whatever sausage relative my Dad can rustle up, ahh...family(No one was crazy), and Bowl of Cake, our family specialty of layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream and strawberries. Ahh yum.
I can't be expected to behave myself on the days in between familial celebrations either, now can I?! Now. Where was I? Oh yes. Bring on the chocolate!