Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beginning Again

Happy Spring! Today, the sun was shining. How I've missed it. My crocuses are almost in bloom. This picture is from a couple weeks ago, when we got our last snow, and my new crocus bulbs were trying ever so hard to pop through.

But just like spring is a new time to begin life, I'm thinking spring is an excellent time to mix it up at home. Today I popped in my little used CD of James Earl Jones reading the New Testament, in an effort to expand my Bible Study. I'm a blogaholic too, and used to blogging all about my sweetboy Christopher on his website However, sometimes I feel like posting things that have nothing to do with Christopher, things about just Eric and I, thus this website.

Like last night, after a particularly jointly frazzling day, my friends Mary and Emilie watched Chris while Eric took me out on a date. Eric is wonderful. He's been saving up for our 10 year anniversary present, he wanted to buy me beautifully huge obnoxious diamond earrings. I don't hardly wear earrings anymore, because of Chris. So, we were thinking we might upgrade our wedding bands. I'd like something that doesn't catch fuzzies, and can withstand toddler daily wear and tear, maybe platinum. So, he took me jewelry shopping. On a wild whim, he took me into Tiffany's. He didn't know we had a Tiffany's, we found it at Keystone at the Crossing. Their stuff is awesome, beautiful, and classy. Sure, I found stuff I liked, that's not hard, I love jewelry. Then we checked in and were told to go have supper at a sit down restaurant. He took me to Yen Ching, the absolute best Chinese restaurant in town. Sure, it's more expensive, but the food is great, I love their eggrolls and beef-on-a-stick, they call them beef strips, but I get a little fire to toast my beef on a stick. How can I go wrong. AND the ambiance, real linen tablecloths and napkins, and my surefire judge for a swanky place...candles on the tables.

I'm really so grateful that we had our hot date last night too. Because today, my back went on the fritz. That's another reason I wanted to start my own website, so that I can track how often my back goes out. So, if it sounds like I gripe about that a lot, sorry. I'm hoping it won't be too often. It just feels like it has been happening a lot lately. This afternoon, after a trip to the Children's museum, and a nap that ended too soon, I loaded Chris into the car to go to my chiropractor appointment, and as we were traveling, I realized I couldn't take a deep breath, from my last two ribs on the right around to the spine was spasming. Fabulous. Somehow my right side is also a bit weak too. Oh well, drugs and sleep usually help.


Jenibug7 said...

I am so glad you got on blogspot! :) I do hopw you will post SOME stuff about Chris here too, and I hope your back feels better...

Kathy said...

Hi Cathy, I hope your back feels better. Your date night sounds fun and romantic :-)