Monday, October 30, 2017

Epic Vacation Day 7 - Friday at Club Med

I have to write down the days of the week, when I tell our stories about our trip, because I won't remember otherwise. Isn't that the sign of a great vacation, where the days all blur together, and simply make us smile?!  Well, Mission Accomplished.

Another Beautiful day at Club Med.  
After Breakfast we walked back to our room, which is the corner on the second floor on the brown building in the lower left corner.  It had been an oddly quiet morning.  Chris had spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's room, so they got him ready for camp.   Technically our room only sleeps 4, however it is possible to get 3 into the Kind  And let the big kids have  the couch beds.  It turns out getting only two children ready in the morning doesn't take as long. 

This pretty little fella was parked on the roof just outside our room door as we returned from breakfast. 

We decided that this was a Red Shoulder Hawk, because of that rusty shading, and those black and white marking on the tail. I love website for bird identification.  

It's the tail that gives it away.  That black and white tail with the rust (red chest and shoulders) make it a Red Shouldered Hawk.  He was probably 3 feet away from me as we went to the door of the room.  He just sat there looking at us.  The kids would've thought that was Awesome, but they were already in Kids Club.  

It was going to be a hot day, and it occurred to us that we needed to get Christopher a hat the day before.  When we bought one for Chris, I found one that I liked.  I kept thinking of it.  So when we walked by the shop, looking for postcards, I bought the hat for myself.  

Like it, it's Autumn Sunrise? 
One of my favorite lines from Ghost.  
I think the rule is you can't wear white after Labor Day, unless you are at the Beach in Florida and it's 80 degrees.  Because I saw a lot of folks wearing white.  
And I got a new happy hat! 

We went to the family pool to hang out with Mom and Dad.  While we were there, we saw the boys playing down at the other end. 

My sweetboys came over to pay us a visit.  They were with their Kids Club Crew, swimming, but since they both aren't really in danger of drowning, as they are better swimmers, they are allowed to come and go as they wished.  We even gave them permission to roam.  I thought they'd use it to go get a smoothie, but No, they wanted to go swim.  All the time!

Mom and Aunt Teri doing the Water Aerobics class. Aqua Gym.
They talked me into it.  Moments before, I was out in that water too. 
It was actually a fun class, except it focused a lot on having my arms out of the water.  
My arm strength is crappy, and my knees aren't too hot either.  
I have to watch it, and not overdo it too much.  

Play I Spy.  Do you spy a Sweetboy?
We snuck into Kids Club early, to take the kids Paddleboating.  Only they were having such a great time, they didn't want to leave.  

Sam shoots new friends with a water pistol from the right.  

While Sam shoots, Jacob runs under the giant water mushroom.  He didn't want to leave, not even for yellow boats. 

Now Chris takes a turn shooting at his brothers and cousin Cole coming down the small water slide.  
They didn't want to leave early to go Paddleboarding.  They wanted to play.  
So we let them.  

Bryce made it through a few hours at Kids Club!  
He got pretty upset the day before, but on this day, we bumped into Karl and Erica going to pick up the kids.  We'd been able to have lunch together.  

He's not too sure about what's going on.  

If you're going to recover from a giant meltdown about not being able to go Paddleboarding, sitting in a big tropical chair is the way to do it.  This made him smile.  Although, he'd been so upset, it was a very Mona Lisa sort of smile. 

Jacob finds the " fuzzy wheats".  
He thought they were pretty fun.  
Mommy just loved the lighting.  A sunset. A sweetboy. 
Life is Good. 

After we changed from the pool, the sun was setting as we headed to supper.  
Wow God! 

As the sunset over our lagoon, some nifty birds come out to play.  
I think this was a Little Blue Heron.  
But he was so pretty tapping along, exploring for snacks at sunset. 

The wore this sweetboy out.  
And check it out.  He let someone hold him.  Lately, he's been in a Mama only phase.  
That was another reason that Kids Club was a bit of an adjustment for him.  
So sweet as he sleeps. 

After dinner, Mom and Aunt Teri talked us into going to the 'Circus Show'.   
It was the staff working their own mini-cirque de soleil.  
Pretty nifty.  
The bummer was it was terribly loud.  
It was neat seeing my water aerobics up there swinging on the flying trapeze, but at the same time, obnoxiously loud, I couldn't talk to the kids, Chris was getting so upset at the noise. 
He's just not cut out for that. 
And who would think of bringing noise cancelling headphones to Club Med.  We didn't. 
Jake and Sam stayed with Daddy to go to the Dance Party after the show. Chris and I needed to Get Out of there.  We couldn't take the noise.  (It's very chicken and egg, which came first, Chris hating loud crazy places or me?  Or was it because of Chris that I now hate that sort of thing?)

Can you see who is behind the tree? 
It's a Great Blue Heron!  
He was 5 feet tall and walking along the waters edge.  
We were maybe 20 feet away from him.   He didn't fly away, he just watched us warily with one eye. 
It was actually beautiful. 
Chris and I just sat there watching him walk. 

He walked on past us.  
My phone camera didn't want to take anymore pictures.  Too dark, there wasn't enough ambient light.  I refused to let it use the flash, because I didn't want to scare him away. 
Once past us, we watched.  You can see his silouette in the golden light reflected on the water. 
Very Cool. 

There is just something inheritantly peaceful about watching animals by the water, or just sitting by the water.  It's easier at night, one isn't as likely to get sunburned. ;)  

For Chris and I, it was a perfect note to end on.  We sat there so long, Daddy and the littles came right down the path to us, and we all went home and went to bed.  ❤