Monday, October 30, 2017

Epic Vacation, Day 6 - Club Med Thursday

The first time I went to Club Med, I spent most of the trip sick.  It was morning sickness for Jacob, except that it hit me Morning and Evening.  And it's really hard to enjoy when you can't Drink. 
It was particularly hard for me to get over the fact, that this was Not Disney World.  

We hadn't even been there 24 hours, and suddenly it was Already a better trip! 

This was the view out of our back door in the morning on Thursday. 

Seriously, the rains had gone, and we received a sign of God's Promise.  
What a great Sign of the good things to come?!  

The Kids couldn't wait to go to Kids Club.  
They were excited to be able to pick out whatever clothes they wanted.  We don't have to match when we're not on the Move.   They couldn't wait to go Play! 

Jacob got to be in Kids Club with his cousin Cole.  
They hit it off immediately, and played before the day had officially begun. 
It was Brilliant having the cousins play together in Kids club.  
Jacob and Cole were in with the littler kids, and Sam and Chris were in the same group.  

Giant Spider Lily 
Giant indeed.  This thing was taller than me. 
I took a few minutes just to snap a flower or two after breakfast and the kids hit their Club.  

Then it was off to the Quiet Pool (AKA the Calm Pool) for Eric and I.  

We found Mom and Aunt Teri, and we sat in the shade for a moment or two chatting.  
We closed the cabana curtain, so the sun wouldn't fry us.  

Mom and Eric take to the Quiet Pool.  
I joined them, but didn't take my phone with me.  
I prefer to be camera free while I do my best imitation of a beached whale.  
If I put my head just so, this pool is almost like an infinity pool.  

Oh yes, and in case I didn't mention it.  That's the mini - bar.  
They made mango mix, which I had unleaded since we'd just had breakfast. 
It weirded me out to drink booze before 11 a.m. 

Um, This. 
Crepe Day. 
Not every day, but some days, there was a Crepe Lady making desserts.  Almost every other day.
On our first lunch day, when Eric and I were blissfully eating in the Adults Only dining room, (kids at Kids Camp, WOOHOO!) I got a Bananas Foster Crepe for dessert from lunch. 
Oy Vey. 

Crepe day became my favorite day!

The Regatta 
Apparently, once a week they have a race for the sailboats, for the new students, and any youth that want to try.   
They all took off right after we took our naps. We watched half the race from our lanai.   

Meanwhile, the Kids Club set up their own Kids Olympics on the beach. 
They were having a Sandcastle building contest.  
Down the beach Uncle Ryan, Aunt Amy and Jeremiah played.  They didn't do Kids Club. 

OK, my kids are the ones in hats.  
Cole is the shirtless one on the left, playing with Christopher (in the shark shirt). 
Sam and Jacob are on the right in green. 
Super Cute, and having a Great Time! 

Evening Swim! 

Dinner begins at 6:30.  We're old fuddy duddies, and would have liked to eat dinner earlier.  But a significant portion of their clientele is European and eats later.  
The kids get out of Kids Club at 4.  So we decided that between Kids Club ending, if no one was desperate for a nap, (not me, I'd had one!) then we could go for our Evening Swim. 
Last time we came, we were allowed to swim in the evenings.  That was not the case anymore.  
They close up the pool at like 7 or 8, dusk, while we are inside having dinner.  
So a sunset, evening swim was the best time to try having a Family Swim.  

Oh yeah.  
4 boys having a great time in the pool, while Mommy rests poolside.  
I was drying, that's it. 
And resting my hip.  
While having a Family Swim, Jacob took off.  Turns out he can dunk his head under, and hold his breath.  I didn't realize that, and the first time he did so, he was just out of reach, so I dove for him.  
I thought I'd saved him, but he was fine. He knew what he was doing.  Whew.  
On the downside, I had a heart attack and hurt myself, as my hip dodged out of joint while I was trying to 'rescue' Jacob. 
The rest of the evening, I rested. 
At least my toes were cute. 

Those would be my children.  Out of reach. 
And doing just fine. 

My favorite sound in the world is listening to my boys all laugh and play happily together. 
That's a great way to end the day. <3

My Rock Star

Sweetboy at Sunset. 

Chris and I were bringing up the rear on our way to dinner. 
He had to finish up his flush.  

We weren't that late. 

Everyone is enchanted by Baby Bryce. 
The oldest and the youngest. <3

Big boy needs a drink. 
I got to sit across from Jeremiah. 
He'd spent most of his day at the pool with his parents and sisters.  
So I didn't get to see much of them, or him. 
He was quieter than Jacob.  

But he definitely has a goofy streak. 
Fits right in. 

When we came out of dinner, it was dark, and the path was lit by the fire candles. 
It took a minute to get the kids to leave them alone. 
But they sure were pretty. 

My new goodie. 
Not as pretty as my new goodie.  
I'd ordered this Desert Mist Diffuser back in June, but with an Insect Repellent that Indiana won't let ship in.  So I had it sent to Mom in Florida.  But she'd not been home to receive it.  It went to Aunt Teri, while Mom missed the window.  So I wasn't able to pick up this package until we were at Mom's condo.  So this was the first time I got to unpack this light.  
It has a Candlelight setting, like incandescent with a hint of a flicker.  
So Beautiful! And the light was so calming.  It makes me sleepy just to write about it. 
I guess that's my sign to call this blog entry complete.  
It was a wonderfully exhausting day.