Monday, October 30, 2017

Epic Vacation Day 5 - From Grandma's to Club Med

After taking a laundry day, and just a swim, we got to bed at a semi-reasonable hour Tuesday night.  Unfortunately, Jacob fell out of bed at 2 am, and needed to switch places with Christopher, and I couldn't fall back to sleep .  So I started a load of laundry of our day clothes in Mom's washer.  Well, that woke Sam, so he took my place in the bed, and I took his spot on the couch.  It wasn't as cushy.

They are the sweetest when they sleep. <3

I didn't sleep well, but they did.  And they had energy.  And then we commenced with washing as much of the laundry as we could and packing before we headed out. 

On the way to Aunt Teri's for laundry, I saw this huge bird out front of one of her neighbors.  Wowza.  I think it's a Broadwing Hawk, judging by the bands on it's tail. Either that or a Red Tailed Hawk.  But he didn't seem red enough.  

Some of the local birdies.  
The pond behind Mom and Dad's building had all kinds of birdies. 
I think one was an Anhinga, and the other something white Egret. 

Mr. Great White Egret takes off!  

Jacob found another visitor in the front yard as we were packing up, Mr. Stork. 

He was a hoot chasing the Wood Stork down the street! 

He got such a kick out to the birds!  

Bye Bye Grandma's House! 
Maybe next time we visit, Grandma and Grandpa will actually be there. 

Three boys, being crazy, in the car. 

We were driving through the swamplands of mid-Florida when a storm popped up. 
Still looked pretty cool! 

I literally found myself asking the age old question, "What's that white line?" And explaining it to the boys.  Now they know what the White Line is. 

The White Line is a big rainstorm. 
Check out this pic. As soon as we were out of the storm, the ground was dry, the sun was out, but my car was soaked, and it was still Dark behind us.  Very Cool. 

We began to see Pelicans flying as we neared the beach.  The best quote of the day was Jacob, "Oh I want a Pelican!  I want to eat a Pelican!"  Eww.  But he thought they'd be tasty just like any other bird.  

And Welcome to Club Med! 

We pulled in just after 3.  As we stood there, Mom and Dad came in behind us.  Eric came shortly thereafter with Karl and his crew, they'd flown in together. Within 10 minutes, all the Willmans congregated upon the Club Med Lobby.  It was Awesome! 

The hotel helper offered to take us in his golf cart to our building/room.  
The kids couldn't wait to ride it.  So we let them ride in the golf cart, while we followed in the minivan. 

A tour of our room!  
The boys were bummed, we didn't have the room with the bunk beds again.  
However, our room was right next door to Aunt Teri, Alexis and Kaylee.  
Apparently, they only took 4 to a room, so one of the boys got to have the privilege to sleep in Grandma and Grandpa's room if they were good.  

View Haloo!  
The boys LOVED the view from our lanai!

View Haloo!

Mommy practices getting a Panorama shot. 
When Jacob saw all the sailboats and giant yellow paddleboards on the beach, he began declaring how much he wanted to go do that.  The other best quote of the day, "I want to go waterboarding on the beach!"

Since dinner wasn't until 6:30, we opted to go to the little cafe, and get a little snack at 4.  We ended up meeting various family members.  And Priorities Yo, Mommy got a nice chilled glass of pink wine for her first beverage of the treat.  There was no drinking while driving, nor drinking while I was the only grownup on duty with the kids.  But now I had lots of Fam helpers.  We got some shrimp on a stick with a side of macaroni and cheese which was amazeballs, with 4 cheeses and bacon. Oh yeah. 
As we sat there discussing everyone's trips, we got a bit of rain, not as bad as the storm as we'd had on the drive though. 

 That's Florida.  Give it 10 minutes and the weather will change.  Like this!  

Check out this buddy we met on the way back to our room. 
All I could think was Mmm... look at that delicious crab claw! 

Kaylee caught her first lizard, this little baby enchanted all the boys the way this little baby ran up and down her arms and legs. It was super cute! 

Sam at sunset. 
On the way to dinner, Sam and I were dallying, looking for Mr. Crabs. He's so handsome.
It was a great note to go end the day, a beautiful sunset, and a yummy dinner with our family. 
They didn't put us in group together, but I sat where I could watch Bryce eat, and chatted with our family in line.  So it was still cool, and there is so much more to come!