Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Festivities

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I hope that wherever you are, this finds you well. 
It's been a while since I blogged.  

So I thought I'd start with what we did over Thanksgiving, before backtracking to finish our vacation stories and what has happened since then.  I keep starting blog stories and not finishing them.  Oh well, at least I'm all caught up on Game of Thrones and working on my yarny Christmas gift.

We had such a wonderful day, it was so good, I was Thankful for all the high points.  But there are so many.  

Thanksgiving morning was Thursday, and the boys blessedly slept in. 
That right there is a Gift!
Eric made breakfast of a great cheesy potato casserole, pumpkin cinnamon rolls and grilled ham. 
Too bad the pumpkin rolls had Red 40.  Sam did ok without, he was happy to have a cinnamon poptart I'd found at Costco the other day.  
Eric was working outside, since the weather was in the low 50s, and there was a ton of yard work to do.  He hasn't been feeling well, so he was outside most of the day, while he had energy. 

Meanwhile, the boys had to clean their rooms. 
That took all morning.  Ugh. 

For lunch, we didn't want to do much, so we curled up to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

This was our lunch. 
Sliced Hawaiian bread toast (the greatest thing since sliced bread, as it turns out is Sliced Hawaiian bread!), jelly beans and popcorn, just like Snoopy makes! ;)

I needed a nap, and the boys had some work to do.  
But just before we curled up to rest, I took a selfie.  
We're all in shades of brown and orange.  
It turned out to be the only picture of me and the boys all day.
 After naps we headed to Oma and Opa's house. 
They always put on the most amazing spread!  
We got to eat in the dining room, with the fancy dishware and everything.  

The view upward from the dining room table. 

You'd think I'd get a picture of the food.  But no, this light intrigued me. 

Lisa had brought MB the happiest bouquet, I love happy flowers! 

The Kids table. 
Annie wasn't feeling well, so we didn't get any group pictures. 
But about halfway through dinner, she opted to join the other kids. 
Her energy didn't last, but the boys energy sure did.  
After some outdoor laps, the kids opted to watch a movie downstairs. 
They were so well behaved we were able to stay and chat like grownups with Dan and Kaye, Daddy and MBs best friends.  We told great stories like how we met, and the kids actually behaved so we could have dessert together and coffee, and it was fantastic.  
It was a late night, but it was so good to be with such great company. 
I had Plenty to Thankful For!