Friday, May 22, 2015

The Dark Irises

My Irises are blooming.  

This big dark beauties were the descendant of 1. 
I went shopping at Cox's with my old boss Lisa from Cargill.  Her Dad's favorite flowers were Irises. 
And I just loved this dark rich purple.  So I bought 1.  
I planted it at the old house.  
And it spread and bred.  

When we moved here, we packed up what we could and brought them with us.  
Every year I wonder which ones are going to be the dark ones, and which ones the light ones.  
Someday I plan on separating them out, and putting them on different sides of the yard.  When we planted them here, we didn't know which was going to be what, they'd kind of blended together at the old house.  So every year is a Surprise. 

But Zowie, what a Beauty! 

Yesterday afternoon/evening, Eric was doing some yardwork, and he picked me a bouquet of them. 
They were so Beautiful, and heavy they were falling over and blocking up the sidewalk.   I barely had a vase to hold them!  

Whatever, what a sweetie, he brought me flowers.  

As the sunlight streams though the window, it makes them glow. 
I don't know if it translates through photo, but they are amazing, gorgeous.