Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

 What a Fabulous day for some Quality Family Time.  I got to take Sam to go see the new Disney movie Tomorrowland, a good Date, just the two of us.  We thought it good Preparations to see it before we take our trip.  Then Eric got to take Christopher, and we all got to come home and talk about our favorite parts.  So the boys got to see it, but we didn't have to fight Jacob to sit through a movie that isn't a cartoon, he'd not have tolerated it.  It worked out quite well.  It's nice having some family time at home.  And the boys mildly tolerated my required photo session.

We picked up the most adorable Mickey Flag shirts at the Disney Store last month, when we went for Jacob's birthday.  Well, technically, I got them online a few days later, but I'd seen them at the Disney Store, but the store didn't quite have enough to fit us all.   I bought big so we can use them for all our Patriotic holidays for a while.  

I love all of us dressing Patriotically. 
This shirt works double, because it can cover Patriotic holidays, AND our trip to Disney World.