Thursday, May 21, 2015

Springy Summer playdays

Sorry it's taken me a while on getting caught up on blogs this afternoon and evening instead of doing other important things, like sleep.  But there's been so much fabulousness going on, I can't stand it.

The Friday before we headed to Michigan, we had some fantastic weather, and I was able to let the kids break out some of their presents, specifically Jacob, who had received some gifts in forms of sprinklers, and I was able to let them play outside.

Jacob got to play with his water snake.  

He was not too sure about it at first. 

Christopher showed him how it was done.  

It occurred to the big boys that they were getting soaking wet by 'demonstrating' for Jacob. 
So they opted to go topless. ;) 

All my goofballs!  

The first hot spring day, I dare not call it summer, but how fun for them to pretend like it was almost. 
And I was just happy to see them have some fun.  My heart was in a low place, but seeing them laugh and smile brings me Joy.