Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Swim Fest 2013

Every year, on the last day of Swim Class, we stay late and Party.  We go have a picnic lunch, then turn around, and pay to get back into the swim park and play and swim until we drop.  Some years it's just a couple hours, and once we were there for most of the day.  This year we planned it for the last Saturday of July, but that was before they had to bump a swim class on account of rain.  We decided to still go ahead and have Swim Fest the last Saturday of July.

This was Chris at the very end of Swim class, doing his favorite part, going for the waterslide. 

Sam was already chilly at the end of swim class.  
Leave to us to settle on the one day of summer that isn't even going to hit 80 degrees.  

We had our picnic lunch in the parking lot.  The park reopens at 11, and we were out at 10:45, so there isn't any point in going far for lunch, especially when, even though they're hungry, the kids are disinclined to eat because they want to go play.  

It was Cold.  And the boys spent more time out of the water than in. 

Chris doing his favorite part again, the Waterslide. 

This past week, Christopher spent his own money on a snorkel and mask.  He was so excited to wear them at the pool (because Mommy is mean and won't let him wear any apparatus during swim class, too distracting) but when it came time, the lifeguards wouldn't let him wear the snorkel.  They let him wear the mask though.   

And as happy as we all were to be playing at the pool together, we all did take on a bit of the blue shade of the pool.  Brr...Code. 

Jake wasn't too interested in the pool.  But after some time, he settled into a bitty nap in the shade.  I love his outfit,  we picked it up with my Mom for Christopher way back in the day from Baby Gap, and it's made of the softest terrycloth, I'm glad Jake got some use out of it even if he was no where near actually getting wet. 

Sam didn't last very long, and had to get dressed to thaw out.   Then he joined his friend Rachel in listening to some stories.  He kept trying to climb up on Denise's lap, and they were all so sweet together.   

When the time came to finally surrender to the cold, Chris "raced" Daddy out of the pool....and won.