Wednesday, July 24, 2013

West by Northwest

So we ended Christopher's Day Camp, and it was still summer. So as the beginning of the end of summer, I took the yahoos to the Sprinkler Park.  The original plan was to go "real quick" and meet Kathleen and the girls before we had to be back in town to take Chris to camp, only we didn't, and we got off to a late start.  We arrived at our destination, Mulberry Fields at  like10:45 instead of 10...just as a different day camp arrived, with like 50 kids.  We decided to turn around and go West Park at 116th and Twp Line.  Brilliant choice!  It's a small park, and it wasn't nasty crowded.  There were even trees and things, shade to hide behind, great for nursing.  And a little creek for the kids to play in.

They dug right in and had a great time!  

The twins brought some tub toy boats to play with and at times they let Sam share.  Though when the boats were all occupied, Sam just grabbed one of his crocs and pretended that was a boat.  Smart silly sweetboy. 

After an hour of play, we needed a snackbreak!

Then we decided it was time for lunch.  And time to change.  However, we had a bit of a meltdown instead of lunch and decided to hit the road.  On our way out, we found this great field of black-eyed susans.  I didn't want to go exploring too deeply.  But I had sweetboys in the flowers, even though they were done and kind of melting down.  Fresh air can really take it out of you!   

They did let me snap a couple flower pictures.  

I love summer flowers!