Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zooing, Pt. 1

So, last Friday, we went to the Zoo. We met with our friends Juli, and Kathleen and her girls.  It was the second time I'd been to the Zoo this year.  It was hard getting 3 out of the house and a picnic lunch planned.  By the time we got there, all my yahoos were hungry, and wanting to go in all different directions, and there was not going to be enough energy for me to do everything.  But they were full of energy.

I decided that we should all pick 1 item.  Kathleen picked the dog show at 11, and it was nearly that time, so we dashed there first.  I had  never seen this dog show.  It was Impressive!

This is our party, Sam is next to Juli, and Chris was in the back row, but for some reason I didn't manage to get a picture of all of us together.  Guess 3 and a hot day kill too many of my brain cells.


The dogs were really talented.  What a fun little show.  
And all of these dogs were Rescues.  Just like Prinny...but smart. ;) 

Jake learned a new trick.  He likes to pull his raggies up to his face and chew them.  

He wasn't a fan of being out in the heat.  And really, we didn't pick the hottest day, it was in the low 80s.  But it was sunny, and he didn't like it much.  He drank and blew out his pants, and he was pretty done.  

Juli was a darling and juggled him and played with him.  She even went so far as to play Lion King with him. He did not know what to make of her.  Then she borrowed him and took him under the dolphin pavilion while we went inside to the show.  It was so handy, to not have to park the stroller, and to be able to just walk in.  

The show has changed this year, and it was OK, but the cool thing (photo below) they recently had a baby dolphin.  The baby is not ready to perform or come out and play, but we could see both fins swimming together in the back pool.  

It was refreshing to be able to watch the show with 2 out of 3 boys.  Jake would not have liked it.  He wouldn't have had any patience for it.  They had to stop it at one point, because, as they described, one young male was acting like an obstinant teenager and needed a timeout.  Juli said she got more of a "show" from below, and it was not PG.  I didn't know dolphins needed time-outs.  But I know some boys who needed them.  While I was nursing Jake post-dolphin show, the boys ran around the conference room under the dolphin pavilion.  They went bonkers, so we went home.  We didn't get to do nearly as much as we wanted...but that was OK, since we had great plans to come back to the Zoo on Monday. :)