Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free to Move


We got a great start to the day...I painted my toes and nails, for Festivity. Silly, but fun. And Eric made honey flakey egg biscuit sandwiches, the breakfast of champions.  Or at least, the breakfast for any holiday around here.  The boys have declared that any holiday needs to have honey flakey biscuits. 

And then we got all dressed up in our patriotic garb and loaded up to go to the Brownsburg Town Parade. The boys were invited to "march" in the Parade with the Kindermusik crew.  Their float turned out to be an open minivan, out of which streamers streamed and music played.  There was candy to throw, musical toys to shake, and pamphlets to hand out, but my kids didn't want to any of that.  They were so tired from walking from where Eric dropped us off to our actual position at the end of the parade, that by the time the parade was ready to start, the boys were exhausted.  So they rode.

Meanwhile Jacob got ready to walk.  

Jacob was ready to move!  He grabbed a rattle and we were ready to roll! 

After sitting for a while, the girls started throwing candy...which made my boys jealous.  They wanted to throw candy.  So Sam came out and threw some tootsie rolls for a bit.  

But Sam was a bit slow at throwing; when he realized that he was way far back from the van, in fact, the lacrosse team right behind us was beeping their horn.  I'd like to think they were beeping at people they knew, not at the fact we were slow.  But we were a little slow.  However, sometimes the whole parade would get stopped up on a corner or something, and everyone would stop.  But on this occasion, Sam took off for the van.  

Some time later, Chris wanted out.  He wanted candy.  Apparently, he was jealous that Sam was just sitting snacking on tootsie rolls...umm...he wasn't supposed to be.  So we took the bucket back from Sam and Chris got to take a turn giving out some candy.  

And Sam lost his mind.  The parade is only a mile I'd guess, but by the time we were done, we were exhausted.    
And when we got home Christopher had an accident in his pants.  He was double bucket sick on Tuesday, but felt better yesterday.  We thought he was over whatever bug he had.  But he doesn't seem to be.  Even after a flush, his bowels have been leaky.  So this evening Chris, Jake, and I stayed in, instead of going to cookout and fireworks with Ryan and the rest of the Fam, and we're going to watch Capital Fourth. 
I couldn't bend over after naps, my back locked up.  But I will take it.  I realized this is the furthest I've walked, the most I've Moved since the end of September.  And I did it.  I'm rather proud of myself, as long as all the stretches I'm doing, that I should not be too miserable tomorrow.  We'll see.  

Chris and I put on some festive tattoos while we were home "sick".  Fun! 

I love that we are free to be crazy, to march "to the beat of a different drum".  A little prayer said to those who fought for us to be Free.  Happy Independence Day!