Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aunt Lisa comes to visit

My sister is in town.   She will be acting as doula for a friend of hers, and she couldn't wait to meet Jacob.  So last Monday, she came over, she sent the girls to Kidz Depot on the way, and just came on her own, she just couldn't stand  the wait any more.  

And she fell madly in love with Jacob.  

Of course, who doesn't?! ;)  Just kidding.  Well, sort of.  Actually, I wonder if he's seriously imbued with some sort of magic special sauce that makes uteruses flip and people fall in love just from seeing, or touching, or smelling his head.  He's so soft, I just want to pet him.  I think his hair is falling out, not because it's the age, but because I keep petting him and kissing his head.  

Li and I were joking about that, and she decided to show me what Jake will look like with hair.  
In other news, and goodies.  My sister brought me my birthday present.  It just looks like a groovy casserole dish.   But it's So Much more than that.  Some time ago, I was telling her that I found This Web Site, and that I decided, I really wanted to collect vintage pyrex.  I know, it sounds so super random, but I find that vintage pyrex reminiscent of days gone by, of  visits to Michigan with family, of yummy homemade meals.  There was just something that Called to me, about those stacks of pastel pretty pyrex.  Alas, the goodwill in Brownsburg is about as far as I've been able to hunt.  I have the goal of hunting further.  Someday.  Hunting with yahoos that have no respect for fragile items hasn't happened much.  Well, Someday.  However, Lisa brought Someday to my door by bringing me this piece of fun for me from El Paso.  She found a deal at the Base equivalent of Goodwill.  And I get to be the recipient.  :)She thought I was weird being thrilled for this birthday present, she went on about how she didn't have much, wanted to do better.  Frankly, this is Perfect.  My idea of a perfect present is one in which someone says randomly, I want X and that loved one remembers, and is able to find it.  Doesn't matter if what it is, for me, it really is the thought that counts.    I was so excited!  

My First Vintage Pyrex! 
She started my collection!
*I think the pattern is called Butterfly Gold*

 Then this weekend we got to see everybody again, when we went down the south side to have lunch at Brozzini's with Daddy and MB.  The girls got to meet Jacob, and they were absolutely enchanted.

Lisa is eager and willing to borrow Jake (or J-Zeke) as she likes to call him, anytime he's available.  
But the surprise of the trip was when Charlie was begging to hold him. 

When she got to hold him, she was so proud, so happy, I haven't seen her that happy in a while.  
Jake on the other hand, was in a quandry, with his What are you doing to me? face.  

Still he gets lots of love.  

This little boy does not get neglected when his Aunt Lisa comes to play.  
I got to go up to see her this week too, and once again the littles were enchanted.  

And as great as it is to have Jake be spoiled by his family, it just does my heart good to spend time with my sister.  She gets me.