Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

This weekend was a blur, a crazy wild blur.  And I overdid it.  But it felt So Good to overdo it.  

What a Wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  

This Momma had too much to Celebrate, So Much to be Grateful for..

My Three Sons.  

It feels really good to say that.  It was an answer to Prayers for us to all be healthy enough to go to the Zoo this past weekend. I'd been itching to go for months, I especially hated being home in the spring, not being able to get out and into the flowers at the Zoo Gardens.  But Eric's company was hosting a party on Saturday.  And I really wanted to go.  It's intriguing that it's like the third Mother's Day in  We arrived at the zoo, and I walked all the way to the dolphin pavilion before the pain set in.  We thought we'd find Eric's group there, but they were back up by the front. With all that walking, I no longer had energy to do much.  Luckily, Eric's group was providing lunch and goodies for kids, like sunglasses and ice cream.  (Though it was way too cold for ice cream.) 

I only asked that we stop off and take pictures in the gardens before we headed out.  The boys wanted to see the butterflies too.   So we did.   I couldn't resist the Butterflies.  

 I wasn't up to my usual photographing standards, still feeling owie, but still managed to snap a few. 
I think these are a Julia (above) and a Blue Morpho (below) butterflies.

Then we went outside into the gardens, and I snapped a few flowers.  

Wisteria were blooming. 

And the Bleeding Hearts were going strong in the shade gardens. 

But most important to me, was this picture we got of our Family of 5. 

Meanwhile, the next morning, I got to spend Mother's Day with my sweetboys.  Jacob gave Daddy and I the gift of 2 1/2 hours of solid sleep from his crib.  I felt like a new woman.  Guess I've been tired.  Eric made us all honey flakey biscuits for breakfast, which thrilled the boys.  And I was given a lovely hanging basket of white petunias, and cards from each of my boyz.  Christopher had got me 'forever flowers', he'd taken a picture with a bouquet of flowers, and put in a special card for me at school.  

So many goodies, they don't even all fit on the table! 

This one cracked me up, Christopher made it for me at school.  I wish I was 30 pounds, but he's right on, I miss being able to exercise...not sure I "like to" but I know it's good for me, and if he thinks I really like to exercise, then I'll take it.  

After breakfast at home, we all got ready to go to church.  I hadn't been in months, and it felt Good to go.  They were having a "Muffins with Mom" brunch at the church for Mother's Day.  The boys gave me a flower, and Christopher helped wait on me.  It was so nice.  Totally topped off by the fact they behaved!  Jacob slept through the whole service.  

After church, I didn't have the energy to go anywhere fancy, so we ate lunch at home, and I got to come home and take a 2 hour nap in my bed by myself.   
Afterwards, I was feeling Pretty Good.  So we decided to go to dinner at Golden Corral.  Being on bedrest for 5 months, one of the things I've missed is going to a buffet and getting my own food.  I took for granted being able to fill my own drinks, or to put my own choices on a plate, and how much I'd like of them. Don't get me wrong, Eric's been wonderful, he's been a saint when it comes to waiting on me, feeding me, taking care of us.  But I wanted to take care of myself. 
So we went.  But it was Wicked Crowded.  We had to wait in line, by the time we were seated, I was near tears.  I only filled my plate once, then waited until I felt up to making a dash for dessert.  The boys on the other hand surprised me, they had a simply wonderful time picking out what they wanted.  Sam got 2 helpings of macaroni and cheese, and Chris ate chicken wings and chips.  But they both got dessert.  And Golden Corral has cotton candy and a chocolate fountain in which you can dip things like marshmallows and strawberries.  That makes it worth it right there.  

The boys got all sugared up, and had a wonderful time.  Christopher declared Golden Corral to be his "2nd Favorite place to eat!"  High Praises because it was Second only to McDonald's. As exhausting as it was I had a good time.  It was really nice to act like a normal family, and also wonderful to just get out of the house.   I don't need a ton of pampering, just some sleep, snuggles from sweetboys, and maybe some flowers.  And that's exactly what I got for Mother's Day.  It was all I needed.