Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Products

Have you wondered who Jacob looks like? 

Does he look just like me?  

The Above photo is me, when I was in the hospital, and Below, from when I was two weeks old.

Or does he look like Eric?

This Above photo is Eric from when he was 2 weeks old, and Below from a few weeks after that, I don't have a date on this one. 

These next photos are Christopher:

Above is Christopher on the day he was born. 

And these two are after Christopher was moved out of the NICU at Riley, so he was about a week and a half old in both of them.  But you can get a good idea of how he looked while he was sleeping, the looks on his face, and how dark his head of hair was etc.

And then came our Sam! 

From the beginning, Above, he was more alert than Christopher, his eyes were the same dark blue.   Chris's eyes eventually turned to a melty chocolatey brown.  Sam's eyes are now hazel.  I say hazel because they change colors.  With green shirts (his favorite) they look green, and with brown shirts they look blue, and with blue shirts, they look brown.  Frankly all my boys have Beautiful eyes.  

But sleeping their faces are so similar.  Sam's hair was lighter than Christopher's, but not as dark as Jacob's.

And now Here's Jacob! 

From the profile he looks so much like Chris! 

But then he also looks just like Sam!

But his expressions are much more hysterical.  He's SO expressive.  Both the elder boys had a few expressions, but Jacob keeps us hopping, and laughing with the looks he can get on his face...already.  
We're going to be in Trouble. 

Asleep they all look alike. 

Who or Whom does Jacob look like?  

Just Like his Big Brothers.  

As Eric said, "He's got Chris's face on Sam's head."  
As our friend Cathy said, "You had triplets...over 7 years."

But I think our friend Kristin put it best when she said, "This is the Product we Make."